Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ode to Ooty..

There..and back again...that was how Bilbo Baggins' book began in The Lord of The Rings... I find it ironic to be using these words as the beginning of my blog.. Life is one big drama so filled with completely unexpected twists and turns. In short, it is one helluva roller coaster ride... The month did begin in a promising way. I had finished writing my semesters and was looking forward to spending some good quality time with my friends at Ooty. We had planned to go there for our survey camp. But, man proposes and God disposes. The first couple of days promised to be full of fun. It seemed as if my entire class had decided to be united during our stay over there. But..that was not to be.. December Saturday I will never forget..ever.. The day which resulted in the deepening of the already present chasm.. if the day was bad for others, it was horrible for me.. Right from the minute I opened my eyes on that day, to the minute I finally tried closing them, things went awfully wrong for me. I'd prefer not going into the details. If one would remember 04-12-2010 for all the wrong reasons, I will be one among the few who remember it for the right reasons. My gang of friends in class increased from 5 to 9.. to my "all girls" gang, were added four more guys.. I'll never forget the concern, help and support they showered on us!! I'm actually glad that there was an argument in class as it gave me four new buddies.. and as to the girls in my gang, it only made the bonds between us stronger and firmer.

Moving on to greener and better pastures, the days that followed were definitely something that we'd not forget!!!:):) The games we played on top of the hill with a ball made from aluminium foil, the lunches in the thick mist, the bhajjis by the roadside during the eve and the night walks for dinner..they'll remain etched forever. Also, the maggi made in the middle of the night(with no fire, mind u!!), and then eating them in the corridor at 12 in the night were really amazing!! The trip to Dhoddabetta, the tea factory, the chocolate factory, the pics taken in the Botanical Garden, the toy train ride thru the mountains( it was so like the HOGWARTS express!!!)are definitely worth a mention!! I would not be fair if I don't mention the trip to Tandoor Mahal, atleast for the sake of Santhosh..;).

Days turned to nights..and finally, it was then time to return home..we had to first get to Coimbatore to board a train to Chennai. I am a person who isn't a fan of hairpin bends!!! It was a real challenge for me to control crying out!!! And then, a few of my friends had to part at CBE.. the rest of us had a memorable dinner that night..:):) And in the train back home, about four of us were sitting on the top berth(mine actually) and having a look at all the pics taken during the trip on a laptop..all was well till I rudely fell asleep..and my friends had to vacate!!!:D:D

The train did move on and Chennai we did reach..and we made to our respective homes..with a lot of lessons well learnt and with a silent promise in each others heart that we ten will never part.. Memories live forever..though I had a few bitter experiences, the sweet ones definitely dominate my trip to Ooty.. I may or may not visit Ooty again..but my first visit to the place will definitely be in my heart forever.. New bonds were made and old ones were reforged.. thats it.. THERE ... AND BACK AGAIN!!!

P.S.: forgot to mention about the BONFIRE when the ten of us had an amazing time around the fire, after the rest of the class left..;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Friends are what make the world go round. And my world is no different. Atleast 75% of the posts I've written are based on my adventures and escapades with them. This post is mainly dedicated to my dear buddies back home, in particular- Hari, Anandh, Srinithya, Sindhuja, and though he is so outta this world now, Mani. I have a whole lot of friends in coll, and I love each of them.. but the bondage I have with these guys is something really unique...we may not call each other or text each other as frequently as some friends I've heard of do..but not a single day passes when I don't think about them. The past week had been so very nostalgic for me. Most of my time, I spent recollecting the wonderful sunshine days I spent with them.

We studied together since 6th standard. In the same class..lots of fun..lots of laughter..Of course, we had so many fights between ourselves and remained without talking to each other for months at a time as well... ;)Interschools were perhaps the best arena to not just showcase your talents, but also to test your patriotic skills. In my schooldays, we took things such as winning and losing quite seriously. Though we used to compete within ourselves as to which team would get to represent the school, all the bitter quarrels would be forgotten once the selected team is fighting nose-to-nose with another school. Those days, parents weren't that liberal with giving 'pocket-money' as they are with our brothers or sister now. The memories of 6 people drinking from the same coke bottle, and fighting for the last sip, sharing our lunch boxes, while sitting under the most prominent tree at NITT(Feste'cole) will remain etched forever. And when the school won the overall championship, I am still able to visualize how, the entire hoard of participants rushed forward to the stage to pose for a pic with the winner's trophy.

If I thought that parting from my friends for higher secondary schooling was a big punishment, then coming over to Chennai for coll was the biggest..:(:( Now when all my friends are together in Trichy, I'm the one who is stuck alone. There are so many reasons for me regretting to have chosen Geo Informatics. And this tops the list. Though I get to meet them during my semester holidays, I do miss them immensely:(:( There are so many unsaid things and undone deeds. Every time I celebrate one of my friends b'days in coll, I keep dreaming of how wonderful it would be if I could do something like that for them at home. But that is not to happen. How many b'days I would've missed..not being able to give them any kinda surprise except wishing them at 12..:( Though Trichy has no places worth boasting about when it comes to hanging out with friends, a simple walk by the kaveri bridge at night or strolling aimlessly through FSM, or dinning at Sri Krishna's, is an adventure in itself.

I'm gonna conclude my post here..was already warned not to make it lengthy..but sorry..the thoughts just kept pouring.

To all my wonderful buddies back home- I dedicate this post to you.. Miss you all so much..:( Love you all!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just another MONDAY..

I never thought that a dreadful Monday would end up the way it just did!! And neither did it cross my mind at any point today that it would inspire me to blog about it (considering how lazy I normally am!!). So, there I was today morn... wishing that it'd rain heavily and that class would get cancelled. I refused to open my eyes even a little with hopes that my wish would be granted when my dad..and my mom had to literally drag me outta my warm, cozy and snuggly bed.. I managed to get ready for coll..somehow..with the lone bright spot in my mind that I didn't have any class till 9.20.. And in college, I managed to sit two hours of class-one of which was held in semi darkness(thanks to the so called 'seminars');) And then, to the joy of every soul in class, the hour before lunch was cancelled. My friends were discussing that it had been a long time since we'd gone out together and that the semester is nearly gonna end. And then, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, one of my buddies suggested that we start immediately and go out for lunch. Now, when it comes to my friends and me, nothing gets accomplished when we plan something for a long time. So it was that, I welcomed this spur of the moment decision, with open arms..:):)We set out.. 6 of us, some with a full wallet, and some with empty ones..;)Our destination was Hotel Sagar at Guindy.. may not be the poshest restaurant in town, but it really had a good menu, and affordable too..:)We had planned to return in time for the afternoon session..but by the time we had placed our orders, I had long lost hope of doing so. But, luck was with us!!our afternoon session got cancelled!!! And so, having no worries about getting to class, we had our lip-smacking lunch in peace...along with lots of fun, and merriment around the table...:):)

Coming to the evening part of my MONDAY, a discussion had been going on for long about going to Mega Mart to get myself(and my bro too),a new pair of jean(if not more), considering how I'd soiled me previous one with pink paint(face painting!!). So, in maybe another hour or so, I'd be setting out!!! I didn't even have the weirdest idea that my dull and boring Monday would turn out to be so filled with lots of fun things to do.. If every day were to be so, I don't think I'd mind attending the dumb classes in college!!! Well thats it for now.. I'm off shopping!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adventurous Weekend...!!!

Warning: This post is a real lengthy one(lengthier than usual). Proceed at your own risk. But remember- You have been warned!!!

Guess I've made it a habit to begin each blog of mine with " It's been long since I last blogged ..." but I seriously can't help it!! Some may call it as being busy..some will term it as laziness..hmmm... I think I'd call it a bit of both..;) And the fact that I've had this post for nearly a week under my DRAFTS section, just proves how truly lazy and busy I've been!!! I just hope it isn't too late to post it..!!;)

My last weekend was something which everyone would love to have.. Fun, thrills and chills- my weekend had all this in the right proportions..;) And my weekend actually began a day earlier than for others.. It all began on Thursday.. with the inauguration of my college's intra-collegiate cultural extravaganza(the extravaganza part was missing this year..!!!) AGNI. I had decided to stay at the hostel for the night with my friends..:):) For the inauguration, the movie BOSS @ BASKARAN was screened.. One doesn't have to describe about the fun and magic of watching a movie with your friends.. but the fact which added a great deal more to the experience was that I watched the movie with my entire college!!! I don't think any other 'movie watching' can equal the splendor of this..!!! When there is something funny on the screen, the entire OAT bursts with laughter.. or comes up with really sneaky comments..;) And to add to all this was the fact that the movie was entirely funny. Though it didn't have a strong storyline, it was one to be best watched with your buddies. And the freedom that girls in my college are bestowed at the time of culturals is really something that girls in colleges elsewhere will envy.. We can stay outdoors till 11 pm..!!:P and after the movie, we made our way to the hostels.. there, it was not till after one when we decided that we had to sleep.. Ask what we were doing so late, and I seriously don't remember!! I just remember talking, talking and still talking, when finally we reached the point of exhaustion and finally dozed off!! Thus ended Thursday with all its splendor!!

And fresh dawned Friday.. with its package of still more fun and excitement. Three of my friends and myself had long planned to watch the recent blockbuster, that has been the talk of not just Tamilnadu(or for that matter..not just India) but the entire world!! Yes..I'm talking about ENTHIRAN..the Superstar and Aishwarya Rai starrer. Till date, I don't remember having gone to any movie before time.. I either go on time..or after time!!! And this was no exception!!! There we were at the bus-stop, waiting for a very common and frequent bus, when Felicity just refused to be kind on us..:( not a single bus was there to our destination!!! And time was running short too..!! There was just one option for us- to catch an auto all the way to Abirami Mega Mall, else miss the movie!!We chose the former..and there we were..four of us in an auto..and luck had deserted us yet again that day!! The traffic in Chennai just proved yet again how powerful it is!! We were chewing on our nails..!! The auto driver seemed to sense our thoughts, and started taking all the shorter routes. And lo!! We reached the theatre 5 minutes before the show. And the moment we took our seats, the movie began!! I needn't say anything about the movie, as everyone reading this post would've already seen it. In short - it was a 3 hour magnum opus..:) So much for the thrilling part of my weekend!!!

Now moving on to Saturday.. the last day of AGNI.. I participated in FACE PAINTING;the theme was sports. With the ongoing CWG, I decided the best thing to be painted was our beloved mascot SHERA and the CWG logo. And the person who was brave enough to lend me her face was my friend 'Shine'..:)Though I didn't win a prize, I was really happy with my output..the Shera was as cute as the real one..and the logo couldn't have been more perfect. I ended up soiling my favorite jean with pink paint though..:(:( That night, I saw the other side of a few of my friends..till then I never knew how good a dancers they were. Kudos to the two I'm talking about..:):) And now-I don't think I'll be talking about the CHILLing part of my weekend. It is best that some things remain unsaid..or unwritten. This is just one such thing!! Let me say that my long term doubts about the supernatural was cleared!!! Sounds creepy, doesn't it?? Well, let me assure you.. IT WAS!!!

Moving on the merrier things, I returned home on Sunday morn..with the aim of having some well deserved rest..but it wasn't to be so. Diwali is fast approaching, and mom wanted to go shopping. So, around 10 in the morn, dad dropped my mom, bro and myself at EXPRESS AVENUE. He was clever enough to do that. We know men don't we?? One thing they fear the most is to be around their wives when they are shopping!!:D:D And I seriously don't know how time went by..!!! We were exhausted by lunch.. so big is the mall that you tend to become tired very easily!! We shopped to our heart's content. The fact that dad wasn't around to ask why I chose this or that was a plus!!! And then, around 4pm, dad came to pick us up.. and the tired that I was, I fell asleep in the car itself!!! Another exciting day came to an end!! I slept for 14 hours straight that night!!!

Oopsy!! The biggest post I've written!!! Really sorry folks.. Kindly bear with my writings!!!;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


WOW!! What a wonderful and sweet way to begin this month's blog!!:)Till this Friday, I was in a very big confusion if today would be a working day(a compensation for the long list of Wednesdays we lost-am really thankful for that.. I was able to escape surveying lab!!) or if it would be a normal holiday.(I call it normal because- Saturdays must be holidays and nothing else!!). And thanks to all our combined prayers, it was a holiday. Now, since I had spent most of my previous week with the single thought that Saturday would be a working day, I hadn't planned anything for this weekend. So there I was today morning. After having woken up from bed,I had no idea of what I was gonna do. And I was sitting before the television and surfing the channels aimlessly.. I must thank my mom for coming to my rescue. She suggested that we go out as she wanted to get a few things. So it was that we both set out from home. If there is one thing I like the most about the neighborhood I am in, it is the fact that you get anything under the sky within two kilometers of home. First, we went to the grocers' to get all the veggies needed for the coming week. Then, this-the very reason why I'm writing this blog!! There is something called THE CHOCOLATE ROOM at Velachery- it is a kinda CHOCOLATE BAR.. I've listened to my bro talk about it for hours on end, but this was my first visit to the place!!! And ask me to describe the place in one word-MINDBLOWING!!! It was like walking into WILLIE WONKA'S Chocolate Factory!!! Looking at the menu card, I had to go through each item at least three times before I was able to make up my mind!! They had chocolate drinks and chocolate cakes of every kind imaginable!! Chocolate shakes and ice creams too..:);) And believe it or not, they had CHOCOLATE PIZZAS, CHOCO SANDWICHES, CHOCO PANCAKES..!!! EVERYTHING PERCEIVABLE!!! I was literally dumbstruck.. I didn't know what to order.. My mom had to call my name twice..!!:D And at last I was able to make my mind..:) I settled for a pancake.. It was the name that caught my attention before the went by the name DEATH BY CHOCOLATE.. and it definitely lived up to its name~~~:)mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm..the chocolate just melted in my mouth!!! It was too damn good!! And the place has a wonderful ambience!!! The very air smelled of chocolate! Definitely a cosy place to hang out with your loved ones:):);)I had a hard time when it was time to leave..:( I gave a silent promise to myself that I'd pay a visit real soon...:):)

And after that, I went to a shop nearby where they sold gift articles and toys. My parents' anniversary is coming up shortly.. I saw something over there which was very much to my liking.. And I was sure that my parents will like it too, when I present it to them. Of course, I couldn't get it at that time as mom was with me..planning to go there today eve to get what I had intended to before they get sold..;) I was standing for a long time before them..hope my mom didn't smell anything to be fishy!!!

Well, thats it for now.. I'm happy that today was a holiday..and that I made a good decision in agreeing to accompany my mom!! I must really thank her for giving me such a treat..:):) Love you mom..:)You are simply the best..:):):)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My favorite artist...

As always, I spent atleast 45 minutes staring at my desktop, thinking what to blog on.. considering how depressing my previous post was(very unlike to my usual standards), I want to make amends..;) And after much thinking, I decided I'm gonna write a few words here and there about a few of my favorite creators of music.. With "Play o jiyo heyo let’s go" playing in the background, I'm one proud Rahmaniac!! And I won't be blogging about him now.. If one begins to write about him, he'll not know where to begin, how to proceed and where to end..;) such is his caliber..:):) India is really lucky to have him..:)

As of now, I've decided to start with Taylor Swift.. One helluva artist!! And whats more is that she nearly shares my b'day..;)she just missed it by a year and a day..;)Everyone will be able to relate to the songs of some artist.. For my brother, its Linkin Park, Flo' rida,etc etc..(no offence..but they are all too loud for my liking!!!) The artist whose songs I can relate to is definitely her!! The first song of hers that I heard was LOVE STORY.. The music was so refreshing.. Sometimes, you'll just want to keep listening to a song again and again the moment you hear it.. And her songs fall under that category..:) Not surprising, considering the fact that she won four Grammy awards at a single stroke..:) and after I heard that song of hers, there was no turning back..:) I made it a point to get her entire song collection.. And downloaded the most recent of her songs(MINE) too!! I often wonder how she seems to write a song to every emotion I feel!! It's like she has taken a peep into my head or something! Of course, that seems too idiotic a thought!!;):P And the videos of her songs are really cute..:):)And the most hilarious one would be A PICTURE TO BURN..:D:D Though she happens to be a girl, guys do enjoy her songs..:):)

Usually, I am not a very big fan of english albums and songs.. but an artist who made me look back was definitely Taylor Swift.. On a scale of ten, if i were to grade her, I'd give her a ten for sure...:):)!!

Looks like I began my post with wanting to write about atleast more than one singer!! but as always, here I am.. Starting on one note..and ending on another!! Enough of my advertising for Taylor.. lemme stop with this- Do try listening to her songs when you find time..:):)

Here is one of the many links available to do so:

Friday, August 27, 2010

The road not taken....

I'm going to begin this post of mine with a few of my favorite lines from a well known poem of a well known author.. an author of oxymorons..

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

...Robert Frost

I was never a big fan of Robert Frost. I did enjoy his work, But they never created the same impression as of Wordsworth, Shelly, and the lot. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I'd begin to admire his work..particularly this poem!! But now, I don't think any line could describe my present situation better than these. Indeed, I had options laid in front of me.. And God alone knows what made me choose the less-trodden path..I did want to achieve new things at that time.. but only after I'd come more than half way up the path did I realize that such a thing wasn't likely to happen.. Well,at least not in my case. My dreams will remain dreams... Fairy tales would be an appropriate name. My friends will clearly guess what I'm talking about.. Of late, this is what has been the topic of every conversation I've been in..

If only on that fateful day..(unlikely that I'll ever forget the date..13-07-2008)..I had acted otherwise...!!I made the decision to pursue an engineering course in Anna University. And I don't know what impressed me to choose the course that I did.. May be it was the name.. But I never thought that one day in the very near future, I would be lamenting for having chosen it..and neither did it occur to me that I'd be crazy enough to write a blog about it!! Am I to blame the course, or am I to blame myself?? For, unlike Frost, I didn't just have two options, but atleast half a dozen ones!! Had I paid attention to my inner voice(s), I wouldn't have ended up in such a mess..:(:( I seriously envy my schoolmates who were wise enough to choose the beaten track.. Had I done that, I'd have been much clearer of what to do with life.. But at present, I can only see a great shadow lurking over my future.. Only if that shadow moves will I know what is in store for me... Until then, all I can do for is HOPE!!!

P.S.:this is perhaps my most depressing post till now!!kindly bear with me...:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

MAHOTSAV '10....

It is nearly the mid of August... And I still haven't written a single post this month!!!Lots of eventful things happened since my last post... I can proudly say that I now own a license for driving a car!!Amidst all the fun, I had my first internals.. And immediately after my internals, I was off to trichy..:):):)I was on my way to meet up with my schoolmates...:):) The alumni of the school where I studied, comes together every year to organise an interschool fest for schools in and around trichy...the name of the event is MAHOTSAV... Though several such interschool competitions are conducted, none can equal the pomp and splendour of mahotsav.. Of course, me being an alumnus, would never tell otherwise...:):)Various events will be organised for the entire day.. usually, I lend a hand in the overall management of the event.. but this time around, I wanted to spend most of my time with my buddies.. so i helped my friends in organising DUMB C.. the name we'd given to the event was MUTE PLAY...we had it planned for 3 hours..1.5 for prelims and 1.5 for finals.. but it took us about 5 hours to get done with it!!!!such was the response!!!!:):)The participants were so very enthusiastic... and we the organisers, tried to show-off as much as possible by setting some really tough questions...;);)And all our teachers treated us royally that day... certain instances were there which we had trouble remembering...but they could recall it so well!!! They were like-"ah!here comes the notorious gang"!!! Looks like we played a major role in their heads going grey!!!!:D:D
The day before Mahotsav, I had dinner with my bestest buddies..:) In Trichy, it is an unspoken rule that girls must be home by 9 pm...but on Saturday eve, it was 10.30 when we girls went home!!!!:);)We had amazing fun that of my friends was a paneer fanatic...he wanted to have the usual paneer butter masala..we didn't approve of the idea of having the same dish every time we went out to dine.. We suggested Palak paneer...just to pull his leg..and he accepted our suggestion!!!!and lo!!when the dish was served, he had the shock of his life!!! The poor guy didn't know that Palak was actually spinach!!! :D:D:D...We all had stitches on our sides from laughing our heads off!!!the poor guy was helpless!!!;).. the fact that he was a student of Hindi further added to the drama!!!! He said he wouldn't touch a spoon of it.. the dish was left untouched!!!:P...And then, it was time for dessert... The restaurant we went to is widely known for its "mocktails".. I asked for one that went by the name Cinderella..:):)am a big fan of the girl and her glass slippers..;) And true to the fairy tale, Cinderella lived up to her name!!! The drink was a bliss!!!:):):):):)
It was 10 pm already..but we weren't ready to go friend suggested that we could try going for a night show of the movie 'baana kaathadi'...but we knew that that we girls would be exploiting the freedom given to us.. So, like good girls, we made our way home...:):):)That night, I had stayed over at my best friend's place...since we were in different colleges, in different cities, we had a lot to catch up!!!We started talking...she started telling about her college and stuff and we don't remember when we actually slept...we were so damn tired that we dozed off while we were speaking..:P:D...I can never forget the weekend I spent at Trichy.. 7-8-10 and 8-8-10 will be etched in my memory for long, if not forever...:):)
Guess my post has gone longer than it was intended to be...!!!sorry about that..hope you don't find it too boring to read...;):P

Friday, July 30, 2010

Everyday is FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!!

Everyone around me seems to be talking about celebrating friendship day.. Even I had planned a lot of fun things to do with my buddies the coming Sunday... But Lady Luck seemed to have different plans for us..:( Almost all of my friends have some chores to do at home on that day!! So, what do we do??(story ends here...)
When you spend hours planning something, it rarely comes out in the way you want it to... I've been a witness to this for quite sometime now!!! So, yesterday, when all of us were down(credits to a class test that we had earlier!!), and one of my friends came up with the idea of us going to the beach to provide our minds with some well-deserved relaxation, no one complained!!!And so, there we were...on our way to the Besant Nagar beach..:):) It was something which we'd been planning for nearly a month!! When the six of us get together, even the most dull and boring moments change into bright and sunny occasions..:) All of us know what the atmosphere by the sea shore can do to you.. a person who finds himself to be in the deepest of troubled waters, will definitely begin to see silver linings when he takes a walk by the shore.. So it wasn't a big surprise when the ghosts of the previous hour's test left us, as soon as we set foot on the sands of the beach!!! And there we were...splashing water on each other..chasing each other through the waters.. writing our names on the sands..waiting to see whose name gets washed away first and whose is lucky enough to escape the swift waves..!!!:):) All the running around made us extremely hungry!!! When you are the Elliots beach, you don't have to go in search of food.. Food normally finds you..;)We had quite a feast!!! Pani puris, mangoes, pepsi..!!!What not!!!!:):):)Just when you start to enjoy your food, luck deserts you..:( We looked at our watches!!! Time had really rushed past us...jus as the waves did when we were playing...We had to return home!!!(we had a test the next day(today) too)... Guess our ancestors were right in saying " Time and Tide wait for none"!!!
Now, back to the story...when I started writing this blog, I was mainly going to write about my disappointments for not being able to spend time with my friends on friendship day.. But, after yesterday eve, I have no regrets that I won't get to meet my buddies on Sunday!! In our case, Friendship Day came a couple of days earlier!!! And, when it comes to true friends, does it really matter whether you are with them on friendship day or not???

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthdays are Forever!!

Birthdays are always filled with fun and frolic.. whether it is yours or your friends’, birthdays always call for a grand celebration. Of course, the way of celebrating it differs from person to person.. Today, my friends and myself, had one of those fun-filled parties to organize-the first of its kind for this year. And the icing on the cake (quite literally..!!) was that, we were to celebrate two birthdays, both of which we were unable to celebrate earlier as we were in our holidays..and we had to take every precaution that the person concerned wasn’t even remotely aware of the fact that we were throwing out a party for her!!! A mind-boggling task, I tell you!! And one that requires you to be tight-lipped!! But considering the kind of chatterboxes we are, we felt the going get tougher and tougher every minute!! And we did blurt out a few things!! Thankfully most of them went unnoticed..And for those that were noticed, we were able to come up with feeble excuses (which were surprisingly believed). I actually hinted to both the girls as to what gift we had bought for them!!! But they were too blind to see that..(thankfully)!! And I do seriously hope they like what we chose for them… I don’t think any other gift would have done justice to their tastes and needs.. For one of my buddies, we presented her with Eric Seagal’s ‘LOVE STORY’.. she had already read that book a couple of times.. But we thought that she’d really be happy to have her own copy of it.. and I’m sure she’ll treasure it…:) ..if not forever, at least for a few years.. The other buddy of mine was presented with something she definitely requires!!! She has a very hard time remembering all important dates..particularly b’days!!! So we gifted her with a ‘365 enchanting quotations’. And we jotted down all the important days she needs to remember in it.. I just hope she doesn’t remain lazy to even turn its pages!! And we also had another surprise waiting for her!! We had made her best friend come all the way to college for the party…and she was definitely happy that we did so!!!:)
No b’day is complete without a b’day cake!!! We thus bought two cute lil cakes-one for each:).. The candles were blown, and the wishes were made.. :)Before the cakes were cut, we had made a pact that no one was to smear the icing onto anybody’s face…but that was soon forgotten!!! Although all of us were well over the age of 19, none of us seemed to be so.. For a stranger, we’d all have resembled overgrown kindergarten kids!!! Such was our behavior!!! Running all around the gallery, with the cake-icing smeared on our faces…chasing the person nearest you and threatening to smear more icing on him!!! I’ve never known time to pass so quickly!!! At the end of the party, all of us looked like clowns who’ve escaped from the circus!!! I really don’t understand why good things have to end..but sadly, it did.. the wonderful evening, filled with cakes, gifts, surprises, fun, laughter and more laughter—came to an end. All I can do now is cherish the memories of the eve, laugh out at the jokes cracked, and look up into the sky and say ‘GOD, tussi great ho, for giving me such wonderful and lovely friends’.:):)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rendezvous with Bourne

I am the kind of person who loves reading novels...(p.s.:only novels) In that sense, I can be termed as a bookworm, I guess..;)I have a lot of favorites, Harry Potter topping the list.(I don't mind if I am termed childish...I am proud of being a POTTERMANIAC :))For that matter, I still adore Enid Blyton for those adventures and midnight feasts and invisible inks and passwords and secret meetings..and know what?? I used to yearn to belong to one of those secret clubs as in the secret 7, go on adventures like the famous 5, wear disguises like the 5 findoutters, climb the faraway tree and have midnight feasts by the swimming pool...:) Hmmmmmm... just thinking about those days makes me smile...and wish I could go back in time...:) But that seems like a lifetime back!!! I have now moved on to wider horizons and much more menacing plots...I have moved on to the world of thrillers and romances and adventures..genres I knew nothing about when I was younger, seemed to have cast a spell on me...They have taken me into a universe of their own, and yes--it is a point of no return!!! ;)I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful universe!!! that I have boasted on my tryst with novels, I think I can actually get into my post..;)
If I were to prepare a list of my favorite authors, (which I normally don't-for the fear of missing someone out ;)), I would include Robert Ludlum, at the least, within the top 5.. He is the one who stirred up the lazy person in me to post something about one of his most famous creations… A creation that none can forget easily.. I am talking about Jason Bourne(aka David Webb, aka Delta, aka Cain…..!!). For those of you who came in late, Jason Bourne is the hero of Ludlum’s famous BOURNE TRILOGY that consists of The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Sounds familiar?? That may be cause of the fact that these books have been made into movies, where the charming Matt Damon (OMG!!!he is drop-dead-handsome!!!) plays the lead role…;). I hope I don’t end up revealing the plot of the novel. It was a friend who lent me the first two books… and right now I am en route to completing the final novel. I must really thank that person for introducing me to wonderful(or should I say,the explosive) world of Jason Bourne!!! If the Godfather dealt with the Italian mafiosa in America, here we have Ludlum who tells us about some of the covert operations of the United States (only fiction people!!!- For heaven’s sake, don’t make it a habit to create controversies wherever good books are concerned..remember Da Vinci code???)
The general plot is that, Jason loses his memory and till now..i.e.till where I am in the final installment, he hasn’t gained it completely.. One may ask what is so great about a guy who has lost his memory..after all, the theme is very much common..even in tamil cinemas..;) But the way in which the story unveils itself is a really wonder. Hats off to Ludlum for that. The first book can really test your patience.. but if you survive through the initial 50 odd pages, there is definitely no stopping you!!! And as soon as you are done with the first one, you’ll want to lay your hands on the second book…and I was lucky in this case..;) I got the second book even before finishing the first!!! Such was the impact!!! If The Bourne Identity was great, The Bourne Supremacy was nothing but brilliant!!!! Wonderful plot, yet again, I must say!!! It really took me to the chaos-filled streets of Hongkong!!!! It makes a wonderful read...:) And now, it is time for me to confess...though i claimed Supremacy to be brilliant, I don't mind in blowing the conch to admit that Ultimatum is a masterpiece!!!! Every line..rather, every word brings to light something significant.. I can't wait to finish the book!!! It really makes me wonder how I even took some time off from reading it to type in this post!!! :D
Well, seeing that I have spent more time than necessary on this post, I'd like to go and continue with my reading...or as I'd like to call it, my Rendezvous with Bourne!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

An afternoon with THE KARATE KID!!!!

Considering how boring my holidays have been ever since my return from Trichy, it was an awesome relief to meet up with one of my best buddies and go out for a movie. We tried all that we could to go out for Raavanan...but luck didnt favor us..:( So, we ended up going for the Jaden Smith starrer, The Karate Kid:) Am one big fan of Will Smith and his timely humour..and it was fun to watch his son on screen..and OMG!!Jaden carries himself in exactly the same way as his dad... The movie was awesome..the story was nothing new.. It was the exact remake of the 1984 version.. But Jaden as Dre was adorable.. And it was different to watch Jackie Chan in a role so unlike his usual humourous ones. Though the climax was nothing unexpected, it was good to see Jaden(Dre) lift the championship trophy at last..:) Jackie was the perfect coach, and Jaden was the perfect disciple..:) The gang of bullies who trouble Dre must also be given due credit..:):) I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon out..:) Though the movie falls short at some places, it is a visual treat to watch Beijing unfurl before you..and the location where the 'snake dance' took place, was really breathtaking!!!Though the story is old and predictable, I'd give it an 8.5 on 10 for Jaden, and Jaden alone(forgive me Jackie,but Jaden stole the show!!!)Kudos to the Karate Kid:):)
After the movie, at Satyam, which was as always at its best, my friend and me made our way to a new mall still under construction named Express Avenue.. After lazily strolling around, we made our way to the food courts and had rich choco ice creams...:):)I really cherished the richness of the ice cream, choco being my favorite flavour:):)(considering how some people never get me that flavor!!!!)...After some more aimless strolling, (we could not even window-shop as most of the shops carried an 'Opening Soon' board..:D)we decided it was time to head home, and we kept on talking and talking all the way back to the bus stop.
And the day did end..:(:(sadly, time flies when you want it to slow down..:(:(

Friday, June 18, 2010

Three friends and a summer together...

Considering the fact that I am new at the crease, I spent a majority of my time thinking on what to blog!!! After some prolonged thinking, I decided to blog about how I spent this summer.. Though it is not something extravagant and lavish, I would proudly brand it as my best summer till date..:)My vacation started on May 15th...but for me the fun began only on May 31st:)Me and my college mates had to attend an internship program at Anna University, Trichy. Our trip, from everyone's point of view was considered to be an educational one...but only me and my buddies knew the amount of fun we were gonna have..;)I'd term it as 'BUSINESS COMBINED WITH PLEASURE'..;) I have a close gang of friends in college..of them, two of my(perhaps) best(est) friends accompanied me to Trichy..:)We three, along with another classmate, constituted the team that went for the internship. Trichy is my hometown. The majority of my life I spent there. Since my friends were new to the city, they chose to stay with me. When in Trichy, I stay at my aunt's place. This time, she was out of town. So, to add to all our joys, we were to stay alone at my aunt's place...just the three of us:)We had the entire house to ourself...there was unlimited freedom...we cooked our own food, followed our own rules..and did what we wanted to..:)When friends get together,it is complete fun...but when it is the union of the closest of friends, and that too girls, there is no end to the fun and enjoyment!!! The internship started to take a back seat...The mornings were hectic as we had to get ready for college...but the evenings and the nights were the best..:)Each day was a new experience...We learnt to adjust well with each other,and to was good fun..:)We visited temples and malls..and in between, I also caught up with some of my best mates back home. Though you are very close with your friends and share every secret there is with them, you would definitely have hidden a few of your deepest secrets.. But by the end of our ten days together there wasn't a secret that was left unshared and nor were there anything hidden amongst us. But sadly... before we knew, Our ten days together had come to an end. We had to return to our respective homes...our hearts were heavy.. These ten days had brought us three really close to each other.. We couldn't help but wish to spend more time together...We knew that we'd be meeting in college soon, but still, there was that unexplainable feeling of separation..:(And return we did to our homes...but the evenings seemed dull without the laughter and the nights seemed silent without the chatter...:( Wishing that I would get to spend some time with them like this again...and that too in no other place, but Trichy....Memories are what is left with me now of those wonderful and beautiful ten days filled with fun, frolic and freedom, at my hometown, with my bestest buddies...:):):)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My first post!!!

Hmmm... I was basically of the opinion that I will never have the patience to blog. Which is why I'm wondering still why all of a sudden I created one..!!! Well, I can find no answer to that.. Was it cos of my friends' advice?? Or because I'm jobless now that it is my vacation?? Whatever the reason be, hope it is for the best.. And hope that I blog often and remain regular at least in doing so!!!!