Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This too shall pass!!!

8th semester!! that was what I had last written about.. and life has seriously gone way past the 'zeroth review' phase... come March, and I will be having my second review..*sighhhh* I was so damn confused that, for once, I did not know which part of my confusion to put into words.. Apart from the confused me, I did have some awesome time!!

2012.. Is the world really gonna come to an end? Well, we must wait till December for that..or, go back in time and ask the Mayans about that!! As of now, the year seems just like any of its predecessors!! January was good to me.. I got to meet a very special person in mid Jan after a period of some 6 months!! and the time we spent together was really memorable..the travel to and from the airport..KFC.. everything.. it was sad that we had to miss out on the movie.. but then, life is full of surprises!! Strangely, I have no regrets of not making it to the movie.. ;):) Then came le brother's 15th birthday... which was celebrated as all b'days at home are done.. an evening out, ending with dinner.. this time we chose to dine at The Rock.. :):) Just when I was beginning to relax, bang...deja vu!! it was time for the First review!! and as is always, we were totally unprepared! but team work always wins!! we came out of the first review, with a li'l less damage than was expected.. but the task set before us, ahead of the Second review is a daunting one! Of late, the phrase "This too shall pass" seems to have more relevance in my life! more so when it comes to our project.. remember how aamir used to tell 'all izz well', that is how I keep telling myself- this too shall pass; everytime I think of the project!

Fresh dawned February.. and the month seemed to be promising, and began on a happy note.. i had decided to call my friends home for lunch.. Feb 2nd was the day.. them being vegetarians, I settled to prepare Naan and Paneer Makni for them.. Mom provided us with her signature curd rice, a side dish and a dessert.. ;) it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, a relief after that horrifying 1st review!!

But..What really prompted me to write this blog, after such a long gap? well, the Valentine's day!! and the week following it!!

Feb 14, 2012 was an awesome awesome one!! I'm sure all of you would have had a blast with ur special one..! Well, I celebrated it too.. a li'l differently.. my friends and I decided to hang out together.. and they asked me for a suggestion.. and me being a chocoholic, I give you no credit in finding out that I dragged them all to The Chocolate Room.. ;) Gosh, I sooooo love the place!! It was a magical evening we had over there! the image of the waffle wonder still seems to float before my eyes every time i close them.. ;)

waffle wonder!!

If Feb 14th was delicious, the days that followed were fantabulous!!! Techofes 2012 was here!! There was never a single dull moment.. Feb 15-Feb 18 marked some of the best moments of my time as a college student.. And this being my last Techofes, I made sure I relished every single one of them.. I participated in all the competitions I've always loved to take part in.. The inauguration, where Dhanush and Anirudh came and rendered Why this Kolaveri Di, along with other songs from 3, the Yuvan concert, where he sang Iragai Pole, one of my all time favorites, the dumb C that we played way into the wee hours of the morn.. the re-watching of Vampire Diaries, with the 6 of us huddled before the lappy.. the midnight yippee noodles.. the sumo wrestling show, with world famous wrestlers Kelly and Byamba.. and most importantly, the arrival of SIDDHARTH, when I screamed and screamed like hell, that I had almost lost my voice, and stopped only when he left after he sang a song from Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi..and the RJ Balaji show.. every single one was as exciting and alive and full of vibe that the energy was contagious, and even a person who was shy of dancing will definitely not resist the urge to shake a leg!! I sure did!!;):)

The NANBAN Scooter!!!

The sadness and the uncontrollable emotions that came with the end of Techofes is a different story altogether, and needs an entire post for itself.. Maybe i will tell about it in my next post.. That is how Techofes'12 came.. and left.. in pompous, vibrant shades...:):)

Then came a quiet Sunday, most of which was lost in catching up on the lost sleep of almost a week.. and then came today!!!! KADHALIL SODHAPUVADHU EPPADI!!! SIDDHARTH!!! I went to watch the movie with my friends!!!Never was there a dull moment during the entire movie.. maybe cos I was able to relate to almost everything in the movie.. ;);) except for the heroine, the movie was flawless..:):) and ya! the theater was a forgettable one too!! :(

On the whole, I enjoyed my fullest over the past few days.. but then-this too shall pass!! there is so much work to be done for the project.. not to mention the symposium.. with almost all the class playing truant in helping the Leading Lady, it is time for me to help a li'l more than usual!! Hopefully, now that the Writer's Block is behind me, I will pen in a bit more frequently!! ;):)

P.S. I had decided not to write anything till a particular someone wrote something in their blog! But that person seems too busy to write these days.. this post is dedicated to you, who refused to write!!;)