Friday, July 30, 2010

Everyday is FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!!

Everyone around me seems to be talking about celebrating friendship day.. Even I had planned a lot of fun things to do with my buddies the coming Sunday... But Lady Luck seemed to have different plans for us..:( Almost all of my friends have some chores to do at home on that day!! So, what do we do??(story ends here...)
When you spend hours planning something, it rarely comes out in the way you want it to... I've been a witness to this for quite sometime now!!! So, yesterday, when all of us were down(credits to a class test that we had earlier!!), and one of my friends came up with the idea of us going to the beach to provide our minds with some well-deserved relaxation, no one complained!!!And so, there we were...on our way to the Besant Nagar beach..:):) It was something which we'd been planning for nearly a month!! When the six of us get together, even the most dull and boring moments change into bright and sunny occasions..:) All of us know what the atmosphere by the sea shore can do to you.. a person who finds himself to be in the deepest of troubled waters, will definitely begin to see silver linings when he takes a walk by the shore.. So it wasn't a big surprise when the ghosts of the previous hour's test left us, as soon as we set foot on the sands of the beach!!! And there we were...splashing water on each other..chasing each other through the waters.. writing our names on the sands..waiting to see whose name gets washed away first and whose is lucky enough to escape the swift waves..!!!:):) All the running around made us extremely hungry!!! When you are the Elliots beach, you don't have to go in search of food.. Food normally finds you..;)We had quite a feast!!! Pani puris, mangoes, pepsi..!!!What not!!!!:):):)Just when you start to enjoy your food, luck deserts you..:( We looked at our watches!!! Time had really rushed past us...jus as the waves did when we were playing...We had to return home!!!(we had a test the next day(today) too)... Guess our ancestors were right in saying " Time and Tide wait for none"!!!
Now, back to the story...when I started writing this blog, I was mainly going to write about my disappointments for not being able to spend time with my friends on friendship day.. But, after yesterday eve, I have no regrets that I won't get to meet my buddies on Sunday!! In our case, Friendship Day came a couple of days earlier!!! And, when it comes to true friends, does it really matter whether you are with them on friendship day or not???

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