Monday, January 3, 2011

2010- A myriad of emotions..

Well, my last blog created quite a stir.. never knew that what I had written would end up in a controversy.. I didn't actually reveal the Da Vinci code..but certain people definitely felt so!!! A lot happened ever since then.. the most important being my 20th birthday!! the best ever b'day I've had so far..(well, I know I said the same about my last b'day..;) but this was truly special!!!) Hmmm..the day wasn't as perfect as I would've wanted it to be.. The beginning of the day after the few initial minutes didn't exactly be to my liking.. but as it was my first b'day to be celebrated in coll, it trully was a bolt outta the blue!!! The day was filled with so much fun!!and the best part was when my wonderful friends took me to the OAT for my 'cake-cutting' act!! As was with all the other b'days of my friends, I had no great expectations about it cause I knew (atleast I thought I knew) what was gonna, it came as a surprise when I was blindfolded!! even then, I was quite unsure of what was happening.. and finally, when I was allowed to open my eyes, I had the most wonderful surprise of my life..My buddies could not have been more thoughtful!!! First I saw my b'day cake, with the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. SMILEY", and when I raised my head to thank them, I had a pleasant shock!!! Sitting in front of the cake was a very very very important person of my life!!! I was dumbstruck for a few seconds!! Imagine--me being at a loss for words!!that definitely is a wonder!! I recovered quickly though..;)the gifts that i received that day were damn sweet!! after the party, I had one of my most memorable dinners... ever!! 14-12-2010-u'll stay in my mind forever!!!

The days that followed weren't exactly something I'd like to remember.. except for one occasion, I'd prefer forgetting the remainder of the days in that week..a sorta bad dream they were.. now coming to that one occasion, on 17th, I'd called my buddies home for was actually a much-procrastinated affair..after a lot of scheduling and re-scheduling, it was finally decided.. but still, not all of them could make it..:( I had cooked for them all that day..:)can really take pride in blowing my own trumpet that I'm not that bad at cooking..;)my friends loved what I'd cooked..(or atleast they told me so;))..

The remainder of December went away in a jiffy..with a myriad of emotions...there was the usual fun and enjoyment with friends and family..but, there was another side to it..lots of tears..lots of arguments..lots of fights..guilty moments at the words spoken...pain, anger, frustration, and above all-fear..!!

Hmmm...2010 was a myriad of emotions..I expected it to end on a sad note..but it was otherwise!! Just as it had come with a bang, 2010 departed with all its pomp and splendour, on a much happier note...:):):)

And 2011 dawned..fresh and full of promise... with lots of dreams, aspirations and hopes.. hope the year ahead brings joy, success and prosperity to everybody!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

P.S.:This post is dedicated to the one person I hurt the most during 2010...I'm really sorry for having done so.. I seriously didn't mean to..