Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rendezvous with Bourne

I am the kind of person who loves reading novels...(p.s.:only novels) In that sense, I can be termed as a bookworm, I guess..;)I have a lot of favorites, Harry Potter topping the list.(I don't mind if I am termed childish...I am proud of being a POTTERMANIAC :))For that matter, I still adore Enid Blyton for those adventures and midnight feasts and invisible inks and passwords and secret meetings..and know what?? I used to yearn to belong to one of those secret clubs as in the secret 7, go on adventures like the famous 5, wear disguises like the 5 findoutters, climb the faraway tree and have midnight feasts by the swimming pool...:) Hmmmmmm... just thinking about those days makes me smile...and wish I could go back in time...:) But that seems like a lifetime back!!! I have now moved on to wider horizons and much more menacing plots...I have moved on to the world of thrillers and romances and adventures..genres I knew nothing about when I was younger, seemed to have cast a spell on me...They have taken me into a universe of their own, and yes--it is a point of no return!!! ;)I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful universe!!! that I have boasted on my tryst with novels, I think I can actually get into my post..;)
If I were to prepare a list of my favorite authors, (which I normally don't-for the fear of missing someone out ;)), I would include Robert Ludlum, at the least, within the top 5.. He is the one who stirred up the lazy person in me to post something about one of his most famous creations… A creation that none can forget easily.. I am talking about Jason Bourne(aka David Webb, aka Delta, aka Cain…..!!). For those of you who came in late, Jason Bourne is the hero of Ludlum’s famous BOURNE TRILOGY that consists of The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Sounds familiar?? That may be cause of the fact that these books have been made into movies, where the charming Matt Damon (OMG!!!he is drop-dead-handsome!!!) plays the lead role…;). I hope I don’t end up revealing the plot of the novel. It was a friend who lent me the first two books… and right now I am en route to completing the final novel. I must really thank that person for introducing me to wonderful(or should I say,the explosive) world of Jason Bourne!!! If the Godfather dealt with the Italian mafiosa in America, here we have Ludlum who tells us about some of the covert operations of the United States (only fiction people!!!- For heaven’s sake, don’t make it a habit to create controversies wherever good books are concerned..remember Da Vinci code???)
The general plot is that, Jason loses his memory and till now..i.e.till where I am in the final installment, he hasn’t gained it completely.. One may ask what is so great about a guy who has lost his memory..after all, the theme is very much common..even in tamil cinemas..;) But the way in which the story unveils itself is a really wonder. Hats off to Ludlum for that. The first book can really test your patience.. but if you survive through the initial 50 odd pages, there is definitely no stopping you!!! And as soon as you are done with the first one, you’ll want to lay your hands on the second book…and I was lucky in this case..;) I got the second book even before finishing the first!!! Such was the impact!!! If The Bourne Identity was great, The Bourne Supremacy was nothing but brilliant!!!! Wonderful plot, yet again, I must say!!! It really took me to the chaos-filled streets of Hongkong!!!! It makes a wonderful read...:) And now, it is time for me to confess...though i claimed Supremacy to be brilliant, I don't mind in blowing the conch to admit that Ultimatum is a masterpiece!!!! Every line..rather, every word brings to light something significant.. I can't wait to finish the book!!! It really makes me wonder how I even took some time off from reading it to type in this post!!! :D
Well, seeing that I have spent more time than necessary on this post, I'd like to go and continue with my reading...or as I'd like to call it, my Rendezvous with Bourne!!!


  1. As u most probably know, i haven't read those books... so i cant really comment on this topic!!! but i must definitely admit that ur views on this topic have made me think of reading those books asap!!!

  2. yippee!!!glad that i was able to motivate someone into reading them!!!!
    @raj: thanks for ur comment:)

  3. ah, a voracious reader, nice! This post is rather a good account of the much-rightly-hyped Bourne series.. And yeah, Matt does look great in the bourne series :) Nice read.


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