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Sunday, November 24, 2013

'SACH' is life!!!

A timid BOY, a little taller than 5 ft, made his way to the 22 yards, amidst giants of the game towering over him. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The reality is still taking its time to sink in. Perhaps the truth will not come to bite me till I watch the next Test match played by India. Before I proceed with my love for the little Master, let me tell you that I am a girl. And if I get my silly point, gully and slip mixed up, kindly forgive me. But a few things I will never get wrong- the master’s scintillating straight drive, his magical cover drive, his magnificent upper cuts, those innumerable sixes and those uncountable fours. Now what can a girl have to say about the master that the experts, or the boys have not already spoken about? Well, it is my story of growing up in the late nineties in India. Growing up with cousins who would watch cricket and make you watch it over cartoons, not minding that you were too little to understand the game or make out the difference between the two teams, I had enough knowledge to know that it was a game where there was someone called Sachin Tendulkar, who as my cousin used to say back then was his Living God! I knew little else but that if I let him watch his GOD play, I would get to play cricket with the neighbourhood kids with his SACHIN bat, which was nothing but a battered down bat with an MRF sticker on it! I didn’t even know my cousin’s birthday, but I remember him celebrating Sachin’s birthday with cakes and chocolates, and I got the best chocolates on those days! And I had enough understanding back them to realise, if someone made my cousin celebrate their birthday more fervently than his own, that was just no normal person, but someone who was just above all others. Maybe Sachin Tendulkar is a LIVING GOD.

Now, the most scary thing for a child those days was not to be included as part of a group of friends because you didn’t share anything in common. For a girl, who had to move very early in life from a part of India she had grown up in and been accustomed to, to an entirely new region where she did not even know what the native language of the region was, let alone speak it, fear can definitely reach new horizons. Those days, you didn’t know spoken English when you were 5 or 6 years old. I was barely 6 when we moved. And the place where I went to, people had grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan movies. For me, at that time, I didn’t even know who he was. (No offence, King Khan, perhaps I was too lil to know about you). That was when I began to appreciate that I knew something about cricket. In a place where I knew not the local language, knew not how to speak English comfortably and without basic errors, I was able to talk about Sachin, and that helped me break the ice. And no matter what language they spoke, everyone in my new school knew about Sachin (and cricket, of course)! I made friends in a completely new place. That was when my interest in cricket actually started! I started watching the sport. And I began to understand why Sachin is GOD! I didn’t know what the opposing team was, or who the bowlers were, watching him bat was just sheer magic to me. I may not be good at describing his game as good as guys, but I sure started following all his games with so much interest. And suddenly, the MRF bat, looked like the best thing that was “handed-down” to me! I of course didn’t play a lot with it, just cherished having a version of something that Sachin uses. And slowly, as I grew, the interest in me turned to fervour. The days when I finished my homework early to watch him play, the scolding I got from my parents for watching him play and not studying, being grounded in my room, and staying as silent as possible inside the room to hear the snatches of the commentary outside for every run he scored, the nervous 90s, the eve before the annual exams in school and the semester exams in college, when instead of studying I watched him play in spite of being scolded by my parents. There is just so much to mention. Sachin was my childhood. The many times when I’ve cried at night when he missed his century, the occasions when I sat in a particular spot for the entire duration of his batting so that me changing my place would not bring bad luck to him, keeping my fingers crossed all that time! I was that crazy! And every time he got out, I’d switch off the tv. There was just no cricket without him. Of course, Sourav, Rahul, VVS and Anil have their special places in my heart. One cannot deny the credit that is due to them. But there is just something about Sachin which makes him go above all of them.
When the “Superman from India” retired from the ODI arena, there was the comfort that he would still play in the tests. But when he announced his retirement from the sport as a whole, it was just too numbing. Of course I knew it was coming. Who am I kidding when I say I thought he’d play forever? But was I ready to accept it? No. Definitely not. A part of my childhood died when he made that farewell speech. I cried when he spoke, and I wept when he touched the 22 yards for one last time, along with every other Indian. For me, whose age is less than his life between the 22 yards, it is difficult to imagine cricket without him. We may have our Dhonis, Kohlis, Sharmas (the R, not the I), the Rainas, but we will never have another Sachin. Even now, with an exam tomorrow, I decided to pen this down. Such is the power he wields over me. Not just over me, over every Indian. SACH is life. Will I follow cricket after this? Yes I will. Will I watch cricket after this? That is a different story and a question to which I do not know the answer yet.

You may have retired, but to quote Alfred Lord Tennyson, “For men may come and men may go, but you go on forever”. You will live in our hearts forever, as the little man who conquered the world.

To the GOD who gave me, a girl, a memorable childhood- from the Sachin labels, the number 10 jersey, not to forget my cricket trump cards (you were and always will be the first in the pack), to the newspaper/Sportstar clippings and pictures that covered my room (yes, i’m a girl with Sachin clippings over my wall), to the magic that kept me spellbound, to the tears of joy you brought whenever you hit a century, the tears of agony when you got out in your 90s, the sadness over your various injuries, especially the tennis elbow which threatened to end your career early, I have this to say- THANK YOU. Thank you for everything. You will be missed. Dearly. Love you Sachin. Hope retirement gives you the life you want.
Here goes Sachin. Will there be SACH another??

P.S.- for all those people who think that Rahul or Sourav didn’t get the farewell they deserved, I have this to say- Sachin didn’t ask for it. It came to him. Allow the man to retire peacefully. Please.

P.P.S.- Yes, he is the youngest to receive the Bharat Ratna, and yes, lots deserved it but never did get. But please.. Give the man a break!! 

This is MY personal opinion!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

As the lightning struck...

Hmmmm... I have been in denial mode for a long time now.. one reason why I couldn't bring myself to write... My college days are over.. the last working day has come and gone.. am done with my semesters too.. all that's binding me to my alma mater right now are the final project review and a couple of 'no-dues' certificates.. Life as I've known it for the past 4 years has finally come to an end..  I was simply unwilling to pen down anything sad and teary.. but certain things just have to be acknowledged, no matter what.. The depth of the situation finally struck me only yesterday eve. Till yesterday I was like- 'the end is still not here.. the review is there na.. then what?' But the irony struck me, out of the blue, all of a sudden. I happened to receive a call from one of my first-ever friends in my college. He called me and told me that he is starting back home the very next day! At first, I really thought that I'd heard him wrong.. but then he reconfirmed that he is starting today morn.. All I could manage to tell him before hanging up was that I'll try meeting him today morn.. but sadly, I couldn't make it...:'(

When I first stepped into college, there I was.. as awkward as can be.. a small town girl who had just stepped into the hustle and bustle of Chennai! My first semester was probably my toughest so far.. not in terms of the curriculum.. I found it difficult to find friends.. whom do I trust..whom not to.. I happened to be all alone.. considering that I was a day scholar was another glitch! Had I been a hosteler, life may have been easy, and I might've been able to socialize with other people... I did have friends.. or rather, people whom I used to talk to.. but everyone seemed to be donning a fake attire.. and I was truly uncomfortable to be ME in front of them!! [that things changed completely when I stepped into my department is another story.. ;)] I did have a couple of good friends among girls.. one of them still happens to be my best friend.. yes S.. am talking about u.. :) :) But one person, who truly made me feel at home was B! He was the class rep at that time.. and naturally, I had to speak to him regarding the timetable and stuff.. but gradually, I dunno how, we started developing a fragile bond of friendship.. He had that carefree attitude to everything around him.. not what u expect from a class rep of the first semester.. but nevertheless, he was fun to be with and talk to.. When you are the class rep, u earn friends.. but at the same time, you do make yourself an equal share of enemies! And he was no exception to this rule! Good though he was with boys, he was detested by almost all the girls in the class!! And the reason given by girls- "He always sets the assessment timetable in favor of the boys.. Never consults girls regarding anything" and soon enough, I made it to the hit list of the girls as well, for being on friendly terms with him!!! :| :| So, barring a couple of girls, the rest of them never spoke to me! 

I don't know why I am blabbering about all this now.. whatever the situation in class, B was one helluva friend to me.. I still remember the dumb and meaningless chats we used to have those times.. maybe, I will never forget them.. :P :D.. He was always fun to talk too.. though at times, he can become real moody!! he was one of the few persons who made first semester worth remembering and fun for me! but as we stepped into our second semester, and made our way to our respective departments, we grew apart.. SMSs became less frequent.. talks became shorter.. and we went our respective ways.. I gained some of the best friends I could have ever asked for, in my department.. and life became bright and happy again! :) :) Once a year, B and me used to meet.. catching up on lost gossip.. talking about old things.. and the last I met him was a week or so back when we went out for lunch.. We were actually planning to meet one more time before he headed home, but only yesterday eve did I come to know that he has to vacate the hostel today! :( Complete ill luck!! :( Wish I had gotten to meet u one last time, B.. but then, the silver lining is that all of us will have to come to collect our marksheets.. maybe then we can meet up!!


This post is dedicated to you, my first friend best friend in college.. Thanks a lot, B!! :) :) You are truly amazing.. will definitely miss you... :( :(

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Slumber Party!!

Ah.. first of April.. The Day of the Fools.. :P but being a Potter Maniac, April 1st only means one thing-Fred and George Weasleys' b'day!! :) Happy buhday Fred and George.. :P

That aside, April 1st was an awesome day..:) that evening was 'Sangarsh.. A concert for a cause'.. organized by the Rotaract club of my college.. the proceeds of which went towards the betterment of the society.. as has been a habit among us to make it to the concert, come what may, we headed out to the Music Academy, Mylapore.. :) and the evening, as it has been, year after year, was truly phenomenal.. :) The energy was high amongst us at the start of the evening, and as the show progressed, there were a few dull, and fewer very dull moments, but the energy reached a crescendo towards the very end, with some of the best dance-able numbers being reserved for the last.. ;) Ever since my first year of college, we always went to Sangarsh, not as a class, but as a department, with our seniors always accompanying us.. this year was no different, with a handful of juniors joining us.. :):)

The concert ended well after 9.45pm.. and the next adventure began.. :P .. Since it was late, a few of my friends had decided to crash-in at my place for the night.. a slumber party of sorts...:P and the challenge before us was this- getting to Velachery, from Mylapore.. Considering that the time was almost 10 pm, the bus option was completely ruled out.. and going by an auto at that time was... well, not advisable.. so we were left with the one option- the MRTS.. and when we boarded the train, it was 10pm.. we did have company for a part of the journey back home.. thanks guys, for accompanying us.. :):) but for the remainder of the trip, we four girls were completely by ourselves.. ;) never had I been outta home after 9pm, by myself in Chennai.. and travelling in a deserted train, was definitely thrilling!! [of course, Ooty was a different story.. :P]

When we got down at Velachery, it was 10.40 pm!! :D:D and now began the next adventure.. :P walking home from the station.. a 15 min trip.. of course, we could've taken an auto.. but then again, we didn't wanna miss out on the opportunity.. :P.. so there we were.. four girls, walking alone on a near deserted road, talking loudly, laughing.. we did invite some stares from people crossing by.. but then, we were in no mood to pay attention.. :D:D..considering that the time was nearing 11, never for a minute did we think of increasing our pace.. there we were, walking as if it were only 6 in the evening..:)nerves of steel, I say.. pure steel.. :P.. and then, we tarried to get ourselves Kulfis!! :P:P..yet again, we were the only people to be getting the kulfis at that time.. ;) thus continued our march home..:)

As the clock struck 11, we reached my place.. ;) Surprisingly, both amma and appa were not mad at us for coming that late.. ;) pure luck that was.. ;)

And that folks, was the 'adventure' part of our day.. :P

Proceeding to the Slumber party, well.. nothing new to it.. just a regular sleepover, with food, chocolates, pillows, the usual talks.. and not to forget the watching of the latest episode of Vampire diaries, followed by Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and fighting over who is more awesome- whether it is Damon or Stefan, or whether it is Hrithik or Farhan.. and then there was the crazy photo session.. real crazy, I tell u.. :P

It was towards the wee hours of the morning that we actually went to bed.. ;);)

I was the first to wake up the next morn.. and as I sat checking my mail, I got a call from my classmate saying we had class in the next half hour.. hearing my cries of annoyance, my friends woke up.. only to sleep off again saying- "CLASS?? WHO BOTHERS? Let's sleep na.. "[ahhh.. the bliss of being a final year student.. priceless!!]

P.S. People, I'm really really sorry if I had bragged a li'l too much about the 'adventure' part.. I agree it is no big thing.. but to us, it really was the biggest so far.. we'd broken at least a 50 something curfew rules in a single evening.. :P

P.P.S. Wish u could've joined us too G!!! I'm sure we'd have broken a couple more rules if u were there.. :P

FAREWELL, forget not the fame!

Sheeshh! College life is almost over! Just a month and a half to go! <don't worry.. am not gonna dwell on how I am gonna miss life at CEG for now.. I've got loads of time to do that.. :P> Ever since my ramblings about how cruel the world is to a girl, I've had loads of fun-filled moments.. :)

Topping the list is the Farewell Party that our beloved juniors threw us..:) 20th March, 2012.. It was the best ever Farewell bash I'd ever seen.. well, I know everyone would say the same about their farewells.. but this bash was something way too special.. the first fact is that, the juniors had to go through a lot of hardships, just to ensure that all my classmates turned up.. which they didn't,thankfully.. :P in spite of all that, they made sure that the party was a success.. and I am, as sure as can be, that the people who didn't turn up for the party regretted their choice, and realized how much they had missed when they saw all the photos and videos the next day! muawahahaha :D:D

the auditorium
Right from the red balloons, to the variety shows, to the dances, to the songs, everything was just way too good!! They even surprised us by unveiling the teaser for our department symposium, to be held the following year!! Well guys, all of u have gained our respect and confidence.. you will surely take the beacon forward.. :):) Though I had taken a silent vow not to breakdown during the party, the fact that I will be within the halls of one of my favorite auditoriums one last time, really made me cry... also the fact that, I will be able to hold the mike, probably for one last time in the audi, was too much to handle.. :( Guess, no matter how much u hate something, at the end, u will end up missing it.. There was a time i used to hate going into the audi.. but that evening was enough to make me realize how much I will miss it.. :'( .. As is the tradition with farewells, the juniors had arranged a cake- a delicious, yummy-looking chocolate cake..but then, a choco-maniac will say so for any choco cake.. :P, followed by a sumptuous dinner banquet.. :):) So ended the Farewell party of BATCH '12..... Memories will remain forever.. :) Whether to cherish, to cry, to ponder upon or to detest, that is left to u..


I never got to mention about the engagement ceremony of one of my best friends' sister.. :) It was a very beautiful occasion.. it was more of an 'e-engagement' actually.. :P with the groom being in the US.. :) As the engagement was held at Kanchipuram, we had to start very early from college, to ensure that we didn't miss the ceremony.. it was a different experience altogether.. always being shepherded by my parents for such occasions, I found it fun, to travel with friends.. to make sure that we looked presentable despite the long journey was another tough task.. :D The return trip from Kanchipuram was memorable for this one incident!! There we girls were, annoyed to be waiting for a bus to take us home, under the scorching sun.. and a bus did come.. we made it and just as we were about to settle down, a guy came outta nowhere and sat down comfortably, right in front of our noses! Damn annoyed we girls were.. When asked to get off, he just refused to budge! :@ I lost my temper, and blasted him off very badly!! <thank goodness he didn't understand me.. such was my vocabulary that day> and one of my hindi-speaking friends surprised us all by shouting at the guy in her awesome, broken tamil!! :D:D Way to go, K!!! ;) but in the end, we had to get another bus, cos that moron wouldn't budge!! :@.. Looking back, the incident makes me laugh!! :D but, it sure as hell proved a point, unity is definitely strength! the way all of us stood together to blast that guy off is something I am proud of.. ;) Too bad all that shouting was in vain.. but then, experience is what makes life.. :)

P.S. sorry for the time lag.. this post was in my drafts for sometime now.. found time to dust it off only today..:D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shattered beyond repair...

Ah.. guess I had been right about one thing when I wrote my last post.. Happiness is short lived!! I have so much to pen down that at the end of the day, when I look down at the page I have written, it is bound to be blotchy and wet.. Just when one had the feel that the final few months of college are gonna be fun and memorable, I have been proven wrong! March 8th-Women's day!! For all those people out there, who think the women of our society are given equal rights, let me tell you something- it is not so!! there still are a large number of MCPs out there, whose main aim is to suppress the voice of a girl. And in the likely situation that you do raise your voice to make your point be heard, a decibel above theirs, you will be considered to be the worst of women-kind!! Not just by the guys, but by some fellow girls, who just don't have the guts to stand up to them, and tell the right from the wrong!! To all MCPs I know- understand this! Just because you have a louder voice, and just because you have more brawn than brain, doesn't mean you are always right!! A girl will remain silent only for so long! she will not let you trod upon her-again and again, and will not always be understanding about your ruthless nature! Though I was prepared to accept the fact that 'that guy' was the biggest MCP of them all, it was a surprise that a once best friend decided to take his side in the event of a misunderstanding! To S- I am greatly hurt by what you did, and the scar will never ever go! To think that I had once thought so much of my gang of friends, only to see a couple of them being influenced by the ideas of 'the MCP ' makes me wanna cry out loud! Given a chance, I would readily go and settle scores with the MCP! But, the gentle and level mind(lol.. at least gentler and leveler than his :P) in me just keeps telling- the MCP is not worth it! Never will I forgive you for pouring poison into the minds of my friends and turning them, if not directly, at least indirectly, against us! And never will I forgive you for dragging an innocent someone into the middle of all this brawl, just to quench your personal vengeance!


Before you arrive at the general conclusion that all guys are MCPs, do wait to read the rest!

When I was upset from are the brawling and bickering, caused for nothing, by the MCP, and had almost broken down, it was a guy who first came to my side to console me! Never had I been ashamed of studying in a class dominated by guys, cause I always believed they had a sweeter side! But today, I wish I had been a year younger.. a year younger so that I can study with people I am proud to call as friends.. proud to run to in times of a problem..proud to share my happiness and sorrows.. To those guys who sought to listen to the truth and search for a solution, rather than put the blame on others- I am greatly indebted to you! If not for your support, we would all have been lost! I am sure the other girls in my class agree with me!!

I am sure that, a few years down the lane, when I look into this post, I am gonna be smirking to myself for being too emotional for a silly reason! But I just had to vent a few things out!

P.S. Yesterday was a real real bad day for me, with a very upsetting something happening towards the fag end of the evening! But I am happy that I had the best and most reliable person to talk to when I was that upset. To that person, thanks for talking to me, and hearing me out! and thanks for proving to me, as you have always done that, no matter what, you will always be there for me! you proved yet again that not all guys are MCPs!! You are simply the best!! :):)

P.P.S. To the reader- please don't mind my ramblings above! I am but a girl, who gets sensitive and emotional and blurts out her feelings, when it is just too much to contain!!
NOT ALL GUYS ARE MCPs!! Just a few guys I know are.. :):)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This too shall pass!!!

8th semester!! that was what I had last written about.. and life has seriously gone way past the 'zeroth review' phase... come March, and I will be having my second review..*sighhhh* I was so damn confused that, for once, I did not know which part of my confusion to put into words.. Apart from the confused me, I did have some awesome time!!

2012.. Is the world really gonna come to an end? Well, we must wait till December for that..or, go back in time and ask the Mayans about that!! As of now, the year seems just like any of its predecessors!! January was good to me.. I got to meet a very special person in mid Jan after a period of some 6 months!! and the time we spent together was really memorable..the travel to and from the airport..KFC.. everything.. it was sad that we had to miss out on the movie.. but then, life is full of surprises!! Strangely, I have no regrets of not making it to the movie.. ;):) Then came le brother's 15th birthday... which was celebrated as all b'days at home are done.. an evening out, ending with dinner.. this time we chose to dine at The Rock.. :):) Just when I was beginning to relax, bang...deja vu!! it was time for the First review!! and as is always, we were totally unprepared! but team work always wins!! we came out of the first review, with a li'l less damage than was expected.. but the task set before us, ahead of the Second review is a daunting one! Of late, the phrase "This too shall pass" seems to have more relevance in my life! more so when it comes to our project.. remember how aamir used to tell 'all izz well', that is how I keep telling myself- this too shall pass; everytime I think of the project!

Fresh dawned February.. and the month seemed to be promising, and began on a happy note.. i had decided to call my friends home for lunch.. Feb 2nd was the day.. them being vegetarians, I settled to prepare Naan and Paneer Makni for them.. Mom provided us with her signature curd rice, a side dish and a dessert.. ;) it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, a relief after that horrifying 1st review!!

But..What really prompted me to write this blog, after such a long gap? well, the Valentine's day!! and the week following it!!

Feb 14, 2012 was an awesome awesome one!! I'm sure all of you would have had a blast with ur special one..! Well, I celebrated it too.. a li'l differently.. my friends and I decided to hang out together.. and they asked me for a suggestion.. and me being a chocoholic, I give you no credit in finding out that I dragged them all to The Chocolate Room.. ;) Gosh, I sooooo love the place!! It was a magical evening we had over there! the image of the waffle wonder still seems to float before my eyes every time i close them.. ;)

waffle wonder!!

If Feb 14th was delicious, the days that followed were fantabulous!!! Techofes 2012 was here!! There was never a single dull moment.. Feb 15-Feb 18 marked some of the best moments of my time as a college student.. And this being my last Techofes, I made sure I relished every single one of them.. I participated in all the competitions I've always loved to take part in.. The inauguration, where Dhanush and Anirudh came and rendered Why this Kolaveri Di, along with other songs from 3, the Yuvan concert, where he sang Iragai Pole, one of my all time favorites, the dumb C that we played way into the wee hours of the morn.. the re-watching of Vampire Diaries, with the 6 of us huddled before the lappy.. the midnight yippee noodles.. the sumo wrestling show, with world famous wrestlers Kelly and Byamba.. and most importantly, the arrival of SIDDHARTH, when I screamed and screamed like hell, that I had almost lost my voice, and stopped only when he left after he sang a song from Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi..and the RJ Balaji show.. every single one was as exciting and alive and full of vibe that the energy was contagious, and even a person who was shy of dancing will definitely not resist the urge to shake a leg!! I sure did!!;):)

The NANBAN Scooter!!!

The sadness and the uncontrollable emotions that came with the end of Techofes is a different story altogether, and needs an entire post for itself.. Maybe i will tell about it in my next post.. That is how Techofes'12 came.. and left.. in pompous, vibrant shades...:):)

Then came a quiet Sunday, most of which was lost in catching up on the lost sleep of almost a week.. and then came today!!!! KADHALIL SODHAPUVADHU EPPADI!!! SIDDHARTH!!! I went to watch the movie with my friends!!!Never was there a dull moment during the entire movie.. maybe cos I was able to relate to almost everything in the movie.. ;);) except for the heroine, the movie was flawless..:):) and ya! the theater was a forgettable one too!! :(

On the whole, I enjoyed my fullest over the past few days.. but then-this too shall pass!! there is so much work to be done for the project.. not to mention the symposium.. with almost all the class playing truant in helping the Leading Lady, it is time for me to help a li'l more than usual!! Hopefully, now that the Writer's Block is behind me, I will pen in a bit more frequently!! ;):)

P.S. I had decided not to write anything till a particular someone wrote something in their blog! But that person seems too busy to write these days.. this post is dedicated to you, who refused to write!!;)