Sunday, August 29, 2010

My favorite artist...

As always, I spent atleast 45 minutes staring at my desktop, thinking what to blog on.. considering how depressing my previous post was(very unlike to my usual standards), I want to make amends..;) And after much thinking, I decided I'm gonna write a few words here and there about a few of my favorite creators of music.. With "Play o jiyo heyo let’s go" playing in the background, I'm one proud Rahmaniac!! And I won't be blogging about him now.. If one begins to write about him, he'll not know where to begin, how to proceed and where to end..;) such is his caliber..:):) India is really lucky to have him..:)

As of now, I've decided to start with Taylor Swift.. One helluva artist!! And whats more is that she nearly shares my b'day..;)she just missed it by a year and a day..;)Everyone will be able to relate to the songs of some artist.. For my brother, its Linkin Park, Flo' rida,etc etc..(no offence..but they are all too loud for my liking!!!) The artist whose songs I can relate to is definitely her!! The first song of hers that I heard was LOVE STORY.. The music was so refreshing.. Sometimes, you'll just want to keep listening to a song again and again the moment you hear it.. And her songs fall under that category..:) Not surprising, considering the fact that she won four Grammy awards at a single stroke..:) and after I heard that song of hers, there was no turning back..:) I made it a point to get her entire song collection.. And downloaded the most recent of her songs(MINE) too!! I often wonder how she seems to write a song to every emotion I feel!! It's like she has taken a peep into my head or something! Of course, that seems too idiotic a thought!!;):P And the videos of her songs are really cute..:):)And the most hilarious one would be A PICTURE TO BURN..:D:D Though she happens to be a girl, guys do enjoy her songs..:):)

Usually, I am not a very big fan of english albums and songs.. but an artist who made me look back was definitely Taylor Swift.. On a scale of ten, if i were to grade her, I'd give her a ten for sure...:):)!!

Looks like I began my post with wanting to write about atleast more than one singer!! but as always, here I am.. Starting on one note..and ending on another!! Enough of my advertising for Taylor.. lemme stop with this- Do try listening to her songs when you find time..:):)

Here is one of the many links available to do so:

Friday, August 27, 2010

The road not taken....

I'm going to begin this post of mine with a few of my favorite lines from a well known poem of a well known author.. an author of oxymorons..

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

...Robert Frost

I was never a big fan of Robert Frost. I did enjoy his work, But they never created the same impression as of Wordsworth, Shelly, and the lot. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I'd begin to admire his work..particularly this poem!! But now, I don't think any line could describe my present situation better than these. Indeed, I had options laid in front of me.. And God alone knows what made me choose the less-trodden path..I did want to achieve new things at that time.. but only after I'd come more than half way up the path did I realize that such a thing wasn't likely to happen.. Well,at least not in my case. My dreams will remain dreams... Fairy tales would be an appropriate name. My friends will clearly guess what I'm talking about.. Of late, this is what has been the topic of every conversation I've been in..

If only on that fateful day..(unlikely that I'll ever forget the date..13-07-2008)..I had acted otherwise...!!I made the decision to pursue an engineering course in Anna University. And I don't know what impressed me to choose the course that I did.. May be it was the name.. But I never thought that one day in the very near future, I would be lamenting for having chosen it..and neither did it occur to me that I'd be crazy enough to write a blog about it!! Am I to blame the course, or am I to blame myself?? For, unlike Frost, I didn't just have two options, but atleast half a dozen ones!! Had I paid attention to my inner voice(s), I wouldn't have ended up in such a mess..:(:( I seriously envy my schoolmates who were wise enough to choose the beaten track.. Had I done that, I'd have been much clearer of what to do with life.. But at present, I can only see a great shadow lurking over my future.. Only if that shadow moves will I know what is in store for me... Until then, all I can do for is HOPE!!!

P.S.:this is perhaps my most depressing post till now!!kindly bear with me...:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

MAHOTSAV '10....

It is nearly the mid of August... And I still haven't written a single post this month!!!Lots of eventful things happened since my last post... I can proudly say that I now own a license for driving a car!!Amidst all the fun, I had my first internals.. And immediately after my internals, I was off to trichy..:):):)I was on my way to meet up with my schoolmates...:):) The alumni of the school where I studied, comes together every year to organise an interschool fest for schools in and around trichy...the name of the event is MAHOTSAV... Though several such interschool competitions are conducted, none can equal the pomp and splendour of mahotsav.. Of course, me being an alumnus, would never tell otherwise...:):)Various events will be organised for the entire day.. usually, I lend a hand in the overall management of the event.. but this time around, I wanted to spend most of my time with my buddies.. so i helped my friends in organising DUMB C.. the name we'd given to the event was MUTE PLAY...we had it planned for 3 hours..1.5 for prelims and 1.5 for finals.. but it took us about 5 hours to get done with it!!!!such was the response!!!!:):)The participants were so very enthusiastic... and we the organisers, tried to show-off as much as possible by setting some really tough questions...;);)And all our teachers treated us royally that day... certain instances were there which we had trouble remembering...but they could recall it so well!!! They were like-"ah!here comes the notorious gang"!!! Looks like we played a major role in their heads going grey!!!!:D:D
The day before Mahotsav, I had dinner with my bestest buddies..:) In Trichy, it is an unspoken rule that girls must be home by 9 pm...but on Saturday eve, it was 10.30 when we girls went home!!!!:);)We had amazing fun that of my friends was a paneer fanatic...he wanted to have the usual paneer butter masala..we didn't approve of the idea of having the same dish every time we went out to dine.. We suggested Palak paneer...just to pull his leg..and he accepted our suggestion!!!!and lo!!when the dish was served, he had the shock of his life!!! The poor guy didn't know that Palak was actually spinach!!! :D:D:D...We all had stitches on our sides from laughing our heads off!!!the poor guy was helpless!!!;).. the fact that he was a student of Hindi further added to the drama!!!! He said he wouldn't touch a spoon of it.. the dish was left untouched!!!:P...And then, it was time for dessert... The restaurant we went to is widely known for its "mocktails".. I asked for one that went by the name Cinderella..:):)am a big fan of the girl and her glass slippers..;) And true to the fairy tale, Cinderella lived up to her name!!! The drink was a bliss!!!:):):):):)
It was 10 pm already..but we weren't ready to go friend suggested that we could try going for a night show of the movie 'baana kaathadi'...but we knew that that we girls would be exploiting the freedom given to us.. So, like good girls, we made our way home...:):):)That night, I had stayed over at my best friend's place...since we were in different colleges, in different cities, we had a lot to catch up!!!We started talking...she started telling about her college and stuff and we don't remember when we actually slept...we were so damn tired that we dozed off while we were speaking..:P:D...I can never forget the weekend I spent at Trichy.. 7-8-10 and 8-8-10 will be etched in my memory for long, if not forever...:):)
Guess my post has gone longer than it was intended to be...!!!sorry about that..hope you don't find it too boring to read...;):P