Saturday, May 5, 2012

As the lightning struck...

Hmmmm... I have been in denial mode for a long time now.. one reason why I couldn't bring myself to write... My college days are over.. the last working day has come and gone.. am done with my semesters too.. all that's binding me to my alma mater right now are the final project review and a couple of 'no-dues' certificates.. Life as I've known it for the past 4 years has finally come to an end..  I was simply unwilling to pen down anything sad and teary.. but certain things just have to be acknowledged, no matter what.. The depth of the situation finally struck me only yesterday eve. Till yesterday I was like- 'the end is still not here.. the review is there na.. then what?' But the irony struck me, out of the blue, all of a sudden. I happened to receive a call from one of my first-ever friends in my college. He called me and told me that he is starting back home the very next day! At first, I really thought that I'd heard him wrong.. but then he reconfirmed that he is starting today morn.. All I could manage to tell him before hanging up was that I'll try meeting him today morn.. but sadly, I couldn't make it...:'(

When I first stepped into college, there I was.. as awkward as can be.. a small town girl who had just stepped into the hustle and bustle of Chennai! My first semester was probably my toughest so far.. not in terms of the curriculum.. I found it difficult to find friends.. whom do I trust..whom not to.. I happened to be all alone.. considering that I was a day scholar was another glitch! Had I been a hosteler, life may have been easy, and I might've been able to socialize with other people... I did have friends.. or rather, people whom I used to talk to.. but everyone seemed to be donning a fake attire.. and I was truly uncomfortable to be ME in front of them!! [that things changed completely when I stepped into my department is another story.. ;)] I did have a couple of good friends among girls.. one of them still happens to be my best friend.. yes S.. am talking about u.. :) :) But one person, who truly made me feel at home was B! He was the class rep at that time.. and naturally, I had to speak to him regarding the timetable and stuff.. but gradually, I dunno how, we started developing a fragile bond of friendship.. He had that carefree attitude to everything around him.. not what u expect from a class rep of the first semester.. but nevertheless, he was fun to be with and talk to.. When you are the class rep, u earn friends.. but at the same time, you do make yourself an equal share of enemies! And he was no exception to this rule! Good though he was with boys, he was detested by almost all the girls in the class!! And the reason given by girls- "He always sets the assessment timetable in favor of the boys.. Never consults girls regarding anything" and soon enough, I made it to the hit list of the girls as well, for being on friendly terms with him!!! :| :| So, barring a couple of girls, the rest of them never spoke to me! 

I don't know why I am blabbering about all this now.. whatever the situation in class, B was one helluva friend to me.. I still remember the dumb and meaningless chats we used to have those times.. maybe, I will never forget them.. :P :D.. He was always fun to talk too.. though at times, he can become real moody!! he was one of the few persons who made first semester worth remembering and fun for me! but as we stepped into our second semester, and made our way to our respective departments, we grew apart.. SMSs became less frequent.. talks became shorter.. and we went our respective ways.. I gained some of the best friends I could have ever asked for, in my department.. and life became bright and happy again! :) :) Once a year, B and me used to meet.. catching up on lost gossip.. talking about old things.. and the last I met him was a week or so back when we went out for lunch.. We were actually planning to meet one more time before he headed home, but only yesterday eve did I come to know that he has to vacate the hostel today! :( Complete ill luck!! :( Wish I had gotten to meet u one last time, B.. but then, the silver lining is that all of us will have to come to collect our marksheets.. maybe then we can meet up!!


This post is dedicated to you, my first friend best friend in college.. Thanks a lot, B!! :) :) You are truly amazing.. will definitely miss you... :( :(