Thursday, November 3, 2011

No pain, No gain!! Indeed!!!

Phew!!! Guess this is the first time I am actually heaving a sign of relief in almost a year!! It all started almost a year back, with my friend and me coming across a circular inviting project proposals. Never did we know that to get your work recognized, you have to strive so much in life! The first task that was entrusted on our shoulders was getting past the first screening committee. The person who had to organize this was also the one who had handled the ever famous 'Communication Skills Lab' for us. That particular subject was one which everyone in my class was the least bothered. We never did what we were asked to.. ;) not because we underestimated the importance of communication skills, but because the teacher was such a personality!! Now this person, due to our lack of interest in her class, resorted to the beaten track of taking revenge!! She was not at all interested in organizing the review for us! And I decided to ask her about it. When I called her, and reminded her that she had to conduct the review for four teams from our class, her response was- "when you people are so uninterested in communication skills, how is it possible that you can come up with ideas innovative enough to be submitted as a project proposal? I refuse to conduct a review for you. You can go and complain to any higher authority you want". All of us were dumbstruck. To not make it to the next level is something different.. But not even being given the opportunity to present your idea is something else altogether!! But all of us persevered and managed in setting up the first review!! The review was a normal one, with questions being asked at a rate that is too fast for the human mind to process.. :P:P

When the results of the first review were out, my teammate and I were thrilled to make it to the next level. Along with us was another group of three.. :):) I was thankful that days of toiling to meet up people regarding the project didn't go in vain!!

If I were to think that the first review was a hurdle, I was proved to be wrong!! The days that followed were even more excruciating!!! Obtaining data was not an easy task. We had to roam offices not just in Chennai, but in Dharmapuri and Dindigul as well!!

Am not gonna brood any more..Cause, the entire project 'review-selection' process is now a thing of the past!! We had two more reviews in between, and my teammate and me made it to the final 28 out of 130+!!! And our review was on the 13th of Oct..! So happy were we after finishing our review that we wanted to scream at the top of our voices!! We never gave a single second's thought to the final results. Guess when you are least worried about something, the wheels of fortune turn in your direction!!! Our hard-work and perseverance of more than a year finally paid off!! The results were announced yesterday, and we won the SECOND PLACE!!!What more can one want??!!

All I want to say is this- to all those who stood behind us when we were down and hurt; upset and in tears- parents, mentors and friends alike- thanks for being there. Your support was paramount in making us reach such heights. Love you all!! <3<3

Time for some relaxation now!!!

Until the final year project at least!!

Peace, they say, is short lived!!! :P


  1. HI Vaishali, Congratzz.. Now that's called sweet revenge!!
    P.S: Would u mind changing the foreground as well as bgcolor of this blog - tis very contrasting and seems to be an eyesore (tat may b bcoz I'm readin this an hour past midnight, still change it if u feel u shud)

    All the best :)

  2. Many many more difficult situations you came across, during your project, have not been cited in your blog. Like, two sleepless nights of travel, shuttling up and down with the bills etc. I surely know that it is a SWEET SUCCESS.

    However, Vaishali, the foll statement is konjam over.....
    "We never gave a single second's thought to the final results."

    Only Sharmili and I know the truth.

    Anyway, CONGRATS. You have what you DESERVED. Certainly, it has been a GAIN after too much of PAIN.

    And,,, the blog is a well written one. Keep it up.


  3. @sanjeevi sir: thank you sir.. :):) as for the anticipation part- i am not gonna say anything.. !! :):P

  4. @JK anna: thanka anna.. :):)
    and i changed the blog's colour combo.. :) hope this is better.. :)

  5. Good post! You've obviously worked harder than how ur description explains it.. You can probably give a detailed description of ur work towards this project under the title - "Vaishali's road to success" ;)

  6. @vivek: awww.. thank you sooo much.. :):)

    btw,thanks for giving it such a title.. it wouldn't have been a success story if not for people like you, who have been very supportive..:):)


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