Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just another MONDAY..

I never thought that a dreadful Monday would end up the way it just did!! And neither did it cross my mind at any point today that it would inspire me to blog about it (considering how lazy I normally am!!). So, there I was today morn... wishing that it'd rain heavily and that class would get cancelled. I refused to open my eyes even a little with hopes that my wish would be granted when my dad..and my mom had to literally drag me outta my warm, cozy and snuggly bed.. I managed to get ready for coll..somehow..with the lone bright spot in my mind that I didn't have any class till 9.20.. And in college, I managed to sit two hours of class-one of which was held in semi darkness(thanks to the so called 'seminars');) And then, to the joy of every soul in class, the hour before lunch was cancelled. My friends were discussing that it had been a long time since we'd gone out together and that the semester is nearly gonna end. And then, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, one of my buddies suggested that we start immediately and go out for lunch. Now, when it comes to my friends and me, nothing gets accomplished when we plan something for a long time. So it was that, I welcomed this spur of the moment decision, with open arms..:):)We set out.. 6 of us, some with a full wallet, and some with empty ones..;)Our destination was Hotel Sagar at Guindy.. may not be the poshest restaurant in town, but it really had a good menu, and affordable too..:)We had planned to return in time for the afternoon session..but by the time we had placed our orders, I had long lost hope of doing so. But, luck was with us!!our afternoon session got cancelled!!! And so, having no worries about getting to class, we had our lip-smacking lunch in peace...along with lots of fun, and merriment around the table...:):)

Coming to the evening part of my MONDAY, a discussion had been going on for long about going to Mega Mart to get myself(and my bro too),a new pair of jean(if not more), considering how I'd soiled me previous one with pink paint(face painting!!). So, in maybe another hour or so, I'd be setting out!!! I didn't even have the weirdest idea that my dull and boring Monday would turn out to be so filled with lots of fun things to do.. If every day were to be so, I don't think I'd mind attending the dumb classes in college!!! Well thats it for now.. I'm off shopping!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adventurous Weekend...!!!

Warning: This post is a real lengthy one(lengthier than usual). Proceed at your own risk. But remember- You have been warned!!!

Guess I've made it a habit to begin each blog of mine with " It's been long since I last blogged ..." but I seriously can't help it!! Some may call it as being busy..some will term it as laziness..hmmm... I think I'd call it a bit of both..;) And the fact that I've had this post for nearly a week under my DRAFTS section, just proves how truly lazy and busy I've been!!! I just hope it isn't too late to post it..!!;)

My last weekend was something which everyone would love to have.. Fun, thrills and chills- my weekend had all this in the right proportions..;) And my weekend actually began a day earlier than for others.. It all began on Thursday.. with the inauguration of my college's intra-collegiate cultural extravaganza(the extravaganza part was missing this year..!!!) AGNI. I had decided to stay at the hostel for the night with my friends..:):) For the inauguration, the movie BOSS @ BASKARAN was screened.. One doesn't have to describe about the fun and magic of watching a movie with your friends.. but the fact which added a great deal more to the experience was that I watched the movie with my entire college!!! I don't think any other 'movie watching' can equal the splendor of this..!!! When there is something funny on the screen, the entire OAT bursts with laughter.. or comes up with really sneaky comments..;) And to add to all this was the fact that the movie was entirely funny. Though it didn't have a strong storyline, it was one to be best watched with your buddies. And the freedom that girls in my college are bestowed at the time of culturals is really something that girls in colleges elsewhere will envy.. We can stay outdoors till 11 pm..!!:P and after the movie, we made our way to the hostels.. there, it was not till after one when we decided that we had to sleep.. Ask what we were doing so late, and I seriously don't remember!! I just remember talking, talking and still talking, when finally we reached the point of exhaustion and finally dozed off!! Thus ended Thursday with all its splendor!!

And fresh dawned Friday.. with its package of still more fun and excitement. Three of my friends and myself had long planned to watch the recent blockbuster, that has been the talk of not just Tamilnadu(or for that matter..not just India) but the entire world!! Yes..I'm talking about ENTHIRAN..the Superstar and Aishwarya Rai starrer. Till date, I don't remember having gone to any movie before time.. I either go on time..or after time!!! And this was no exception!!! There we were at the bus-stop, waiting for a very common and frequent bus, when Felicity just refused to be kind on us..:( not a single bus was there to our destination!!! And time was running short too..!! There was just one option for us- to catch an auto all the way to Abirami Mega Mall, else miss the movie!!We chose the former..and there we were..four of us in an auto..and luck had deserted us yet again that day!! The traffic in Chennai just proved yet again how powerful it is!! We were chewing on our nails..!! The auto driver seemed to sense our thoughts, and started taking all the shorter routes. And lo!! We reached the theatre 5 minutes before the show. And the moment we took our seats, the movie began!! I needn't say anything about the movie, as everyone reading this post would've already seen it. In short - it was a 3 hour magnum opus..:) So much for the thrilling part of my weekend!!!

Now moving on to Saturday.. the last day of AGNI.. I participated in FACE PAINTING;the theme was sports. With the ongoing CWG, I decided the best thing to be painted was our beloved mascot SHERA and the CWG logo. And the person who was brave enough to lend me her face was my friend 'Shine'..:)Though I didn't win a prize, I was really happy with my output..the Shera was as cute as the real one..and the logo couldn't have been more perfect. I ended up soiling my favorite jean with pink paint though..:(:( That night, I saw the other side of a few of my friends..till then I never knew how good a dancers they were. Kudos to the two I'm talking about..:):) And now-I don't think I'll be talking about the CHILLing part of my weekend. It is best that some things remain unsaid..or unwritten. This is just one such thing!! Let me say that my long term doubts about the supernatural was cleared!!! Sounds creepy, doesn't it?? Well, let me assure you.. IT WAS!!!

Moving on the merrier things, I returned home on Sunday morn..with the aim of having some well deserved rest..but it wasn't to be so. Diwali is fast approaching, and mom wanted to go shopping. So, around 10 in the morn, dad dropped my mom, bro and myself at EXPRESS AVENUE. He was clever enough to do that. We know men don't we?? One thing they fear the most is to be around their wives when they are shopping!!:D:D And I seriously don't know how time went by..!!! We were exhausted by lunch.. so big is the mall that you tend to become tired very easily!! We shopped to our heart's content. The fact that dad wasn't around to ask why I chose this or that was a plus!!! And then, around 4pm, dad came to pick us up.. and the tired that I was, I fell asleep in the car itself!!! Another exciting day came to an end!! I slept for 14 hours straight that night!!!

Oopsy!! The biggest post I've written!!! Really sorry folks.. Kindly bear with my writings!!!;)