Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just another MONDAY..

I never thought that a dreadful Monday would end up the way it just did!! And neither did it cross my mind at any point today that it would inspire me to blog about it (considering how lazy I normally am!!). So, there I was today morn... wishing that it'd rain heavily and that class would get cancelled. I refused to open my eyes even a little with hopes that my wish would be granted when my dad..and my mom had to literally drag me outta my warm, cozy and snuggly bed.. I managed to get ready for coll..somehow..with the lone bright spot in my mind that I didn't have any class till 9.20.. And in college, I managed to sit two hours of class-one of which was held in semi darkness(thanks to the so called 'seminars');) And then, to the joy of every soul in class, the hour before lunch was cancelled. My friends were discussing that it had been a long time since we'd gone out together and that the semester is nearly gonna end. And then, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, one of my buddies suggested that we start immediately and go out for lunch. Now, when it comes to my friends and me, nothing gets accomplished when we plan something for a long time. So it was that, I welcomed this spur of the moment decision, with open arms..:):)We set out.. 6 of us, some with a full wallet, and some with empty ones..;)Our destination was Hotel Sagar at Guindy.. may not be the poshest restaurant in town, but it really had a good menu, and affordable too..:)We had planned to return in time for the afternoon session..but by the time we had placed our orders, I had long lost hope of doing so. But, luck was with us!!our afternoon session got cancelled!!! And so, having no worries about getting to class, we had our lip-smacking lunch in peace...along with lots of fun, and merriment around the table...:):)

Coming to the evening part of my MONDAY, a discussion had been going on for long about going to Mega Mart to get myself(and my bro too),a new pair of jean(if not more), considering how I'd soiled me previous one with pink paint(face painting!!). So, in maybe another hour or so, I'd be setting out!!! I didn't even have the weirdest idea that my dull and boring Monday would turn out to be so filled with lots of fun things to do.. If every day were to be so, I don't think I'd mind attending the dumb classes in college!!! Well thats it for now.. I'm off shopping!!!!

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