Sunday, June 20, 2010

An afternoon with THE KARATE KID!!!!

Considering how boring my holidays have been ever since my return from Trichy, it was an awesome relief to meet up with one of my best buddies and go out for a movie. We tried all that we could to go out for Raavanan...but luck didnt favor us..:( So, we ended up going for the Jaden Smith starrer, The Karate Kid:) Am one big fan of Will Smith and his timely humour..and it was fun to watch his son on screen..and OMG!!Jaden carries himself in exactly the same way as his dad... The movie was awesome..the story was nothing new.. It was the exact remake of the 1984 version.. But Jaden as Dre was adorable.. And it was different to watch Jackie Chan in a role so unlike his usual humourous ones. Though the climax was nothing unexpected, it was good to see Jaden(Dre) lift the championship trophy at last..:) Jackie was the perfect coach, and Jaden was the perfect disciple..:) The gang of bullies who trouble Dre must also be given due credit..:):) I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon out..:) Though the movie falls short at some places, it is a visual treat to watch Beijing unfurl before you..and the location where the 'snake dance' took place, was really breathtaking!!!Though the story is old and predictable, I'd give it an 8.5 on 10 for Jaden, and Jaden alone(forgive me Jackie,but Jaden stole the show!!!)Kudos to the Karate Kid:):)
After the movie, at Satyam, which was as always at its best, my friend and me made our way to a new mall still under construction named Express Avenue.. After lazily strolling around, we made our way to the food courts and had rich choco ice creams...:):)I really cherished the richness of the ice cream, choco being my favorite flavour:):)(considering how some people never get me that flavor!!!!)...After some more aimless strolling, (we could not even window-shop as most of the shops carried an 'Opening Soon' board..:D)we decided it was time to head home, and we kept on talking and talking all the way back to the bus stop.
And the day did end..:(:(sadly, time flies when you want it to slow down..:(:(


  1. The reason that one thinks that the movie falls short in some places(me too thought the same) is that we r used to seeing Jackie in humorous action roles and then we see this movie in which he's a bit subdued(though he has acted very well)... thats probably the only reason... if we just think that he's some good actor acting in this movie then most ppl'll like it bcoz it has a good story....

  2. I've got to agree with you..Jackie was given a character totally different from the ones he usually portrays...and another reason is that the storyline is similar...but anyways,I would call it a must watch...;)

  3. I haven't seen the movie yet. But now that your post is all-praise for jaden and jackie , I'll see it very soon.

  4. @vivek: mainly JADEN...then jackie..;)


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