Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Friends are what make the world go round. And my world is no different. Atleast 75% of the posts I've written are based on my adventures and escapades with them. This post is mainly dedicated to my dear buddies back home, in particular- Hari, Anandh, Srinithya, Sindhuja, and though he is so outta this world now, Mani. I have a whole lot of friends in coll, and I love each of them.. but the bondage I have with these guys is something really unique...we may not call each other or text each other as frequently as some friends I've heard of do..but not a single day passes when I don't think about them. The past week had been so very nostalgic for me. Most of my time, I spent recollecting the wonderful sunshine days I spent with them.

We studied together since 6th standard. In the same class..lots of fun..lots of laughter..Of course, we had so many fights between ourselves and remained without talking to each other for months at a time as well... ;)Interschools were perhaps the best arena to not just showcase your talents, but also to test your patriotic skills. In my schooldays, we took things such as winning and losing quite seriously. Though we used to compete within ourselves as to which team would get to represent the school, all the bitter quarrels would be forgotten once the selected team is fighting nose-to-nose with another school. Those days, parents weren't that liberal with giving 'pocket-money' as they are with our brothers or sister now. The memories of 6 people drinking from the same coke bottle, and fighting for the last sip, sharing our lunch boxes, while sitting under the most prominent tree at NITT(Feste'cole) will remain etched forever. And when the school won the overall championship, I am still able to visualize how, the entire hoard of participants rushed forward to the stage to pose for a pic with the winner's trophy.

If I thought that parting from my friends for higher secondary schooling was a big punishment, then coming over to Chennai for coll was the biggest..:(:( Now when all my friends are together in Trichy, I'm the one who is stuck alone. There are so many reasons for me regretting to have chosen Geo Informatics. And this tops the list. Though I get to meet them during my semester holidays, I do miss them immensely:(:( There are so many unsaid things and undone deeds. Every time I celebrate one of my friends b'days in coll, I keep dreaming of how wonderful it would be if I could do something like that for them at home. But that is not to happen. How many b'days I would've missed..not being able to give them any kinda surprise except wishing them at 12..:( Though Trichy has no places worth boasting about when it comes to hanging out with friends, a simple walk by the kaveri bridge at night or strolling aimlessly through FSM, or dinning at Sri Krishna's, is an adventure in itself.

I'm gonna conclude my post here..was already warned not to make it lengthy..but sorry..the thoughts just kept pouring.

To all my wonderful buddies back home- I dedicate this post to you.. Miss you all so much..:( Love you all!!