Monday, April 2, 2012

FAREWELL, forget not the fame!

Sheeshh! College life is almost over! Just a month and a half to go! <don't worry.. am not gonna dwell on how I am gonna miss life at CEG for now.. I've got loads of time to do that.. :P> Ever since my ramblings about how cruel the world is to a girl, I've had loads of fun-filled moments.. :)

Topping the list is the Farewell Party that our beloved juniors threw us..:) 20th March, 2012.. It was the best ever Farewell bash I'd ever seen.. well, I know everyone would say the same about their farewells.. but this bash was something way too special.. the first fact is that, the juniors had to go through a lot of hardships, just to ensure that all my classmates turned up.. which they didn't,thankfully.. :P in spite of all that, they made sure that the party was a success.. and I am, as sure as can be, that the people who didn't turn up for the party regretted their choice, and realized how much they had missed when they saw all the photos and videos the next day! muawahahaha :D:D

the auditorium
Right from the red balloons, to the variety shows, to the dances, to the songs, everything was just way too good!! They even surprised us by unveiling the teaser for our department symposium, to be held the following year!! Well guys, all of u have gained our respect and confidence.. you will surely take the beacon forward.. :):) Though I had taken a silent vow not to breakdown during the party, the fact that I will be within the halls of one of my favorite auditoriums one last time, really made me cry... also the fact that, I will be able to hold the mike, probably for one last time in the audi, was too much to handle.. :( Guess, no matter how much u hate something, at the end, u will end up missing it.. There was a time i used to hate going into the audi.. but that evening was enough to make me realize how much I will miss it.. :'( .. As is the tradition with farewells, the juniors had arranged a cake- a delicious, yummy-looking chocolate cake..but then, a choco-maniac will say so for any choco cake.. :P, followed by a sumptuous dinner banquet.. :):) So ended the Farewell party of BATCH '12..... Memories will remain forever.. :) Whether to cherish, to cry, to ponder upon or to detest, that is left to u..


I never got to mention about the engagement ceremony of one of my best friends' sister.. :) It was a very beautiful occasion.. it was more of an 'e-engagement' actually.. :P with the groom being in the US.. :) As the engagement was held at Kanchipuram, we had to start very early from college, to ensure that we didn't miss the ceremony.. it was a different experience altogether.. always being shepherded by my parents for such occasions, I found it fun, to travel with friends.. to make sure that we looked presentable despite the long journey was another tough task.. :D The return trip from Kanchipuram was memorable for this one incident!! There we girls were, annoyed to be waiting for a bus to take us home, under the scorching sun.. and a bus did come.. we made it and just as we were about to settle down, a guy came outta nowhere and sat down comfortably, right in front of our noses! Damn annoyed we girls were.. When asked to get off, he just refused to budge! :@ I lost my temper, and blasted him off very badly!! <thank goodness he didn't understand me.. such was my vocabulary that day> and one of my hindi-speaking friends surprised us all by shouting at the guy in her awesome, broken tamil!! :D:D Way to go, K!!! ;) but in the end, we had to get another bus, cos that moron wouldn't budge!! :@.. Looking back, the incident makes me laugh!! :D but, it sure as hell proved a point, unity is definitely strength! the way all of us stood together to blast that guy off is something I am proud of.. ;) Too bad all that shouting was in vain.. but then, experience is what makes life.. :)

P.S. sorry for the time lag.. this post was in my drafts for sometime now.. found time to dust it off only today..:D


  1. As always, Superb one!! :) :) The farewell part was really good! :)

  2. @sharmili: thank you.. :) yup.. the farewell was THE.BEST!!

  3. as usual, a very very good blog!! :):):)

    the farewell is truly very much special, especially considering the fact that, given the circumstances, even i thought we wouldn't be having any farewell at all, though i'd have loved to have one.. so to conduct that even after facing so many hindrances is something very special indeed!! hats off to our juniors.. :):)

    and as for the engagement, it was a new experience as it is my first time i saw something like an e-engagement (i'm sure its the same with most of us).. and that bus journey was yet another completely different experience!! ;)

  4. @raj: ya.. have to agree with u.. :)


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