Tuesday, November 22, 2011

U call it a question paper??!! Well, I call it something else!!!

Seriously!!! U spend two sleepless nights.. and days!!! trying to refer to the internet.. googling about anything and everything given in the syllabus.. 'wiki'ing for those that google couldn't help with.. and all for this??!!!

Today's exam was perhaps the best example of 'how not to write an exam'.. perhaps, i think the better and more apt topic will be- 'how not to set a question paper'. C'mon..!! I do agree that we are final year students.. and that we prefer and like studying by ourselves, searching and learning in the process..( OK.. guess that was too much.. ;)).. but today's questions were perhaps the most senseless and the most meaningless ones.. (I know senseless and meaningless mean the same.. but then, that is how today's paper was!!!) the frustration in the 36 bright minds in the exam hall was evident the minute the question papers were distributed.. and the frustration immediately gave way to laughter!!! With half the time gone in solving a near impossible problem, the remaining time went off in notching a few points here and a few points there for the remaining I submitted my answer sheet, I was wondering how the very same teacher can come up with new ways of massacring the same students even when we had done nothing to invite that person's wrath!!

The question paper which was given to us was crumpled, to the best of our ability, while a few went a step above and tore the paper into pieces!!! frustration was in the very air, I tell u!!!

Had the person who'd set the question paper been anywhere in the vicinity, we all would definitely have given him a piece of our mind!!! :@

Phew! Wattey day!!

P.S. I began this post with something in mind and guess it turned out into something else altogether!!!Sorry about that!!! ;):)


  1. a really mild one vaishali sanjeevi

  2. i thought it wouldn't make a good read telling about the other happenings sir.. particularly, about where the torn up question papers ended!!! ;)

  3. OMG, don't scare me, my exams are just coming up:P
    And good luck with the rest... or are they all over yet?

    And you know what my plan is? I'm going to become a teachers' trainer and get my revenge on all those from teacherdom who make it their lives aim to make OUR lives miserable, how's the plan?:P

  4. @PeeVee: Love ur name.. ;);)

    and I'd say go ahead with ur plan.. I will definitely join u!!!:P


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