Monday, April 2, 2012

The Slumber Party!!

Ah.. first of April.. The Day of the Fools.. :P but being a Potter Maniac, April 1st only means one thing-Fred and George Weasleys' b'day!! :) Happy buhday Fred and George.. :P

That aside, April 1st was an awesome day..:) that evening was 'Sangarsh.. A concert for a cause'.. organized by the Rotaract club of my college.. the proceeds of which went towards the betterment of the society.. as has been a habit among us to make it to the concert, come what may, we headed out to the Music Academy, Mylapore.. :) and the evening, as it has been, year after year, was truly phenomenal.. :) The energy was high amongst us at the start of the evening, and as the show progressed, there were a few dull, and fewer very dull moments, but the energy reached a crescendo towards the very end, with some of the best dance-able numbers being reserved for the last.. ;) Ever since my first year of college, we always went to Sangarsh, not as a class, but as a department, with our seniors always accompanying us.. this year was no different, with a handful of juniors joining us.. :):)

The concert ended well after 9.45pm.. and the next adventure began.. :P .. Since it was late, a few of my friends had decided to crash-in at my place for the night.. a slumber party of sorts...:P and the challenge before us was this- getting to Velachery, from Mylapore.. Considering that the time was almost 10 pm, the bus option was completely ruled out.. and going by an auto at that time was... well, not advisable.. so we were left with the one option- the MRTS.. and when we boarded the train, it was 10pm.. we did have company for a part of the journey back home.. thanks guys, for accompanying us.. :):) but for the remainder of the trip, we four girls were completely by ourselves.. ;) never had I been outta home after 9pm, by myself in Chennai.. and travelling in a deserted train, was definitely thrilling!! [of course, Ooty was a different story.. :P]

When we got down at Velachery, it was 10.40 pm!! :D:D and now began the next adventure.. :P walking home from the station.. a 15 min trip.. of course, we could've taken an auto.. but then again, we didn't wanna miss out on the opportunity.. :P.. so there we were.. four girls, walking alone on a near deserted road, talking loudly, laughing.. we did invite some stares from people crossing by.. but then, we were in no mood to pay attention.. :D:D..considering that the time was nearing 11, never for a minute did we think of increasing our pace.. there we were, walking as if it were only 6 in the evening..:)nerves of steel, I say.. pure steel.. :P.. and then, we tarried to get ourselves Kulfis!! :P:P..yet again, we were the only people to be getting the kulfis at that time.. ;) thus continued our march home..:)

As the clock struck 11, we reached my place.. ;) Surprisingly, both amma and appa were not mad at us for coming that late.. ;) pure luck that was.. ;)

And that folks, was the 'adventure' part of our day.. :P

Proceeding to the Slumber party, well.. nothing new to it.. just a regular sleepover, with food, chocolates, pillows, the usual talks.. and not to forget the watching of the latest episode of Vampire diaries, followed by Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and fighting over who is more awesome- whether it is Damon or Stefan, or whether it is Hrithik or Farhan.. and then there was the crazy photo session.. real crazy, I tell u.. :P

It was towards the wee hours of the morning that we actually went to bed.. ;);)

I was the first to wake up the next morn.. and as I sat checking my mail, I got a call from my classmate saying we had class in the next half hour.. hearing my cries of annoyance, my friends woke up.. only to sleep off again saying- "CLASS?? WHO BOTHERS? Let's sleep na.. "[ahhh.. the bliss of being a final year student.. priceless!!]

P.S. People, I'm really really sorry if I had bragged a li'l too much about the 'adventure' part.. I agree it is no big thing.. but to us, it really was the biggest so far.. we'd broken at least a 50 something curfew rules in a single evening.. :P

P.P.S. Wish u could've joined us too G!!! I'm sure we'd have broken a couple more rules if u were there.. :P


  1. <3 <3 <3 loved the adventure part!! and especially the kulfis! :P Awesome it was! Kudos to you for arranging it! :P

  2. Lol!! the 'adventure' was super fun!! :) and kudos to u for being a part of it.. :P

  3. most of the things u did that day were very apt considering that it was Gred and Forge's birthday and even they'd have loved to do such rule-breakings!!! just be careful and dont be too adventitious..


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