Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ode to Ooty..

There..and back again...that was how Bilbo Baggins' book began in The Lord of The Rings... I find it ironic to be using these words as the beginning of my blog.. Life is one big drama so filled with completely unexpected twists and turns. In short, it is one helluva roller coaster ride... The month did begin in a promising way. I had finished writing my semesters and was looking forward to spending some good quality time with my friends at Ooty. We had planned to go there for our survey camp. But, man proposes and God disposes. The first couple of days promised to be full of fun. It seemed as if my entire class had decided to be united during our stay over there. But..that was not to be.. December Saturday I will never forget..ever.. The day which resulted in the deepening of the already present chasm.. if the day was bad for others, it was horrible for me.. Right from the minute I opened my eyes on that day, to the minute I finally tried closing them, things went awfully wrong for me. I'd prefer not going into the details. If one would remember 04-12-2010 for all the wrong reasons, I will be one among the few who remember it for the right reasons. My gang of friends in class increased from 5 to 9.. to my "all girls" gang, were added four more guys.. I'll never forget the concern, help and support they showered on us!! I'm actually glad that there was an argument in class as it gave me four new buddies.. and as to the girls in my gang, it only made the bonds between us stronger and firmer.

Moving on to greener and better pastures, the days that followed were definitely something that we'd not forget!!!:):) The games we played on top of the hill with a ball made from aluminium foil, the lunches in the thick mist, the bhajjis by the roadside during the eve and the night walks for dinner..they'll remain etched forever. Also, the maggi made in the middle of the night(with no fire, mind u!!), and then eating them in the corridor at 12 in the night were really amazing!! The trip to Dhoddabetta, the tea factory, the chocolate factory, the pics taken in the Botanical Garden, the toy train ride thru the mountains( it was so like the HOGWARTS express!!!)are definitely worth a mention!! I would not be fair if I don't mention the trip to Tandoor Mahal, atleast for the sake of Santhosh..;).

Days turned to nights..and finally, it was then time to return home..we had to first get to Coimbatore to board a train to Chennai. I am a person who isn't a fan of hairpin bends!!! It was a real challenge for me to control crying out!!! And then, a few of my friends had to part at CBE.. the rest of us had a memorable dinner that night..:):) And in the train back home, about four of us were sitting on the top berth(mine actually) and having a look at all the pics taken during the trip on a laptop..all was well till I rudely fell asleep..and my friends had to vacate!!!:D:D

The train did move on and Chennai we did reach..and we made to our respective homes..with a lot of lessons well learnt and with a silent promise in each others heart that we ten will never part.. Memories live forever..though I had a few bitter experiences, the sweet ones definitely dominate my trip to Ooty.. I may or may not visit Ooty again..but my first visit to the place will definitely be in my heart forever.. New bonds were made and old ones were reforged.. thats it.. THERE ... AND BACK AGAIN!!!

P.S.: forgot to mention about the BONFIRE when the ten of us had an amazing time around the fire, after the rest of the class left..;)


  1. Really interesting to remember all tat happened in our camp..especially the delicious maggi,climate over ter,steep roads,4th December(4D!!!),Tandoor Mahal n Thendral Hotel. Definitely everlasting memories..GUD WORK!!!

  2. it feels really good when someone reminds me of those memories(both pleasant and unpleasant) which are shared by us... :) thanks for this blog... :):):) and some other thing u can include here r abt the chillness there, Thendral, arm bands and most importantly our GROUP PHOTO...


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