Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shattered beyond repair...

Ah.. guess I had been right about one thing when I wrote my last post.. Happiness is short lived!! I have so much to pen down that at the end of the day, when I look down at the page I have written, it is bound to be blotchy and wet.. Just when one had the feel that the final few months of college are gonna be fun and memorable, I have been proven wrong! March 8th-Women's day!! For all those people out there, who think the women of our society are given equal rights, let me tell you something- it is not so!! there still are a large number of MCPs out there, whose main aim is to suppress the voice of a girl. And in the likely situation that you do raise your voice to make your point be heard, a decibel above theirs, you will be considered to be the worst of women-kind!! Not just by the guys, but by some fellow girls, who just don't have the guts to stand up to them, and tell the right from the wrong!! To all MCPs I know- understand this! Just because you have a louder voice, and just because you have more brawn than brain, doesn't mean you are always right!! A girl will remain silent only for so long! she will not let you trod upon her-again and again, and will not always be understanding about your ruthless nature! Though I was prepared to accept the fact that 'that guy' was the biggest MCP of them all, it was a surprise that a once best friend decided to take his side in the event of a misunderstanding! To S- I am greatly hurt by what you did, and the scar will never ever go! To think that I had once thought so much of my gang of friends, only to see a couple of them being influenced by the ideas of 'the MCP ' makes me wanna cry out loud! Given a chance, I would readily go and settle scores with the MCP! But, the gentle and level mind(lol.. at least gentler and leveler than his :P) in me just keeps telling- the MCP is not worth it! Never will I forgive you for pouring poison into the minds of my friends and turning them, if not directly, at least indirectly, against us! And never will I forgive you for dragging an innocent someone into the middle of all this brawl, just to quench your personal vengeance!


Before you arrive at the general conclusion that all guys are MCPs, do wait to read the rest!

When I was upset from are the brawling and bickering, caused for nothing, by the MCP, and had almost broken down, it was a guy who first came to my side to console me! Never had I been ashamed of studying in a class dominated by guys, cause I always believed they had a sweeter side! But today, I wish I had been a year younger.. a year younger so that I can study with people I am proud to call as friends.. proud to run to in times of a problem..proud to share my happiness and sorrows.. To those guys who sought to listen to the truth and search for a solution, rather than put the blame on others- I am greatly indebted to you! If not for your support, we would all have been lost! I am sure the other girls in my class agree with me!!

I am sure that, a few years down the lane, when I look into this post, I am gonna be smirking to myself for being too emotional for a silly reason! But I just had to vent a few things out!

P.S. Yesterday was a real real bad day for me, with a very upsetting something happening towards the fag end of the evening! But I am happy that I had the best and most reliable person to talk to when I was that upset. To that person, thanks for talking to me, and hearing me out! and thanks for proving to me, as you have always done that, no matter what, you will always be there for me! you proved yet again that not all guys are MCPs!! You are simply the best!! :):)

P.P.S. To the reader- please don't mind my ramblings above! I am but a girl, who gets sensitive and emotional and blurts out her feelings, when it is just too much to contain!!
NOT ALL GUYS ARE MCPs!! Just a few guys I know are.. :):)