Friday, June 18, 2010

Three friends and a summer together...

Considering the fact that I am new at the crease, I spent a majority of my time thinking on what to blog!!! After some prolonged thinking, I decided to blog about how I spent this summer.. Though it is not something extravagant and lavish, I would proudly brand it as my best summer till date..:)My vacation started on May 15th...but for me the fun began only on May 31st:)Me and my college mates had to attend an internship program at Anna University, Trichy. Our trip, from everyone's point of view was considered to be an educational one...but only me and my buddies knew the amount of fun we were gonna have..;)I'd term it as 'BUSINESS COMBINED WITH PLEASURE'..;) I have a close gang of friends in college..of them, two of my(perhaps) best(est) friends accompanied me to Trichy..:)We three, along with another classmate, constituted the team that went for the internship. Trichy is my hometown. The majority of my life I spent there. Since my friends were new to the city, they chose to stay with me. When in Trichy, I stay at my aunt's place. This time, she was out of town. So, to add to all our joys, we were to stay alone at my aunt's place...just the three of us:)We had the entire house to ourself...there was unlimited freedom...we cooked our own food, followed our own rules..and did what we wanted to..:)When friends get together,it is complete fun...but when it is the union of the closest of friends, and that too girls, there is no end to the fun and enjoyment!!! The internship started to take a back seat...The mornings were hectic as we had to get ready for college...but the evenings and the nights were the best..:)Each day was a new experience...We learnt to adjust well with each other,and to was good fun..:)We visited temples and malls..and in between, I also caught up with some of my best mates back home. Though you are very close with your friends and share every secret there is with them, you would definitely have hidden a few of your deepest secrets.. But by the end of our ten days together there wasn't a secret that was left unshared and nor were there anything hidden amongst us. But sadly... before we knew, Our ten days together had come to an end. We had to return to our respective homes...our hearts were heavy.. These ten days had brought us three really close to each other.. We couldn't help but wish to spend more time together...We knew that we'd be meeting in college soon, but still, there was that unexplainable feeling of separation..:(And return we did to our homes...but the evenings seemed dull without the laughter and the nights seemed silent without the chatter...:( Wishing that I would get to spend some time with them like this again...and that too in no other place, but Trichy....Memories are what is left with me now of those wonderful and beautiful ten days filled with fun, frolic and freedom, at my hometown, with my bestest buddies...:):):)

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  1. Machan... t was really good... epidyo u posted one.. me too thinking what to write.:( pakalam.. n ya we really had fun... unforgettable ten days of our life!!!:):)


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