Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome - Holidays, Welcome - December!!

Yippee!!! Done with the exams...!!! At last!!! :):)I seriously had to keeping telling myself- "c'mon.. only 3 hours till you are free.. attend all the questions.. don't rush out of the hall.. please!!" and when the clock chimed 12.30, I was elated.. never before have I felt this way after completion of a semester examination... perhaps the credit goes to the wonderful paper we wrote today!! :P:P

It is usually said that when you sit down to study,everything in the whole wide world seems more interesting than that which you have to study... Though I have often gone through this phase, it was only yesterday that I appreciated the beauty of my 'bubbles' screensaver!!! I fell completely in love with them.. considering the fact that I had started preparing only yesterday eve, I whiled away half my time staring at them.. My eyes just kept following the bubbles all around the screen.. With pink being my favorite color, I began tracing a pink bubble, and the moment it changed its color, I switched over to the nearest pink one.. And so goes the story of how I prepared for RS & GIS in EM.. :D:D:D

Now that the exams are behind me, I have 15 days all for myself..(before the dreaded results)!!! I am really really looking forward for some 'me' time!!! What with non-stop working on a project, semester practicals and exams, I never really did have a proper break for some 6 months now!! Sheesh!!!

Getting to the fun part- the holidaysss!!! 15 days is perhaps the right number of days to be away from coll.. neither to little.. nor too much.. ;) Just perfect!!
*Have a hoard of movies lined up to watch.. the first one that I am yearning to is Tintin!!! Can't wait for Thursday, when my best friend and me will be heading over to Sathyam Cinemas.. ;)
*Looking forward to indulge in some long pending shopping!! When my mom and me decide to go shop, there is just no stopping us..:P (my wardrobe definitely could do with a make-over!!).
*Am gonna go on a cooking spree!! Long time since I tried something new!!(Not that I didn't cook anytime recently.. I even managed to cook on the eve of a few exams.. :P, but I love shopping for the right ingredients, and trying new dishes.. So, kitchen, here I come.. ;))
*Have to get myself some new novels to read!! Who knows?? I may even decide to re-read the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time.. :D:D

All this, and the fact that December is my most favorite time of the year, I just can not wait to get started!!!

I maybe a couple of days early, but here goes-



  1. so finally we've somehow managed to complete our semester exams.. and now we're abt to enter our final semester!!! time moves really fast!! anyways, for now, it is time to enjoy.. :)
    long pending shopping??? :P

  2. @raj: ya ya... the final sem can wait.. and ya.. got loads of shopping to do!!! ;)

  3. Apt post for the time!! Have a great time..after all u need this break for all ur hard labour for the project works!! See u on ur b'day:):)

  4. @subha: Lol.. :D ya.. considering the fact that we have tough times lined up for us next sem, we must relax when possible!!!

    And ya, don't forget the cake I had showed you when we meet next!!! :P :P

  5. Cool!! U seem so excited ;) Enjoy ur holidays to the fullest :)

  6. @sureka: Thanks.. :) I am doing jus that right now..:)

  7. That's cool :) December is just the right time to enjoy. :) And with ur B'day falling in this month, make sure that u enjoy every passing second of this special month :)

  8. @Vivek: Will sure do..:):) Thanks.. ;)


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