Saturday, September 4, 2010


WOW!! What a wonderful and sweet way to begin this month's blog!!:)Till this Friday, I was in a very big confusion if today would be a working day(a compensation for the long list of Wednesdays we lost-am really thankful for that.. I was able to escape surveying lab!!) or if it would be a normal holiday.(I call it normal because- Saturdays must be holidays and nothing else!!). And thanks to all our combined prayers, it was a holiday. Now, since I had spent most of my previous week with the single thought that Saturday would be a working day, I hadn't planned anything for this weekend. So there I was today morning. After having woken up from bed,I had no idea of what I was gonna do. And I was sitting before the television and surfing the channels aimlessly.. I must thank my mom for coming to my rescue. She suggested that we go out as she wanted to get a few things. So it was that we both set out from home. If there is one thing I like the most about the neighborhood I am in, it is the fact that you get anything under the sky within two kilometers of home. First, we went to the grocers' to get all the veggies needed for the coming week. Then, this-the very reason why I'm writing this blog!! There is something called THE CHOCOLATE ROOM at Velachery- it is a kinda CHOCOLATE BAR.. I've listened to my bro talk about it for hours on end, but this was my first visit to the place!!! And ask me to describe the place in one word-MINDBLOWING!!! It was like walking into WILLIE WONKA'S Chocolate Factory!!! Looking at the menu card, I had to go through each item at least three times before I was able to make up my mind!! They had chocolate drinks and chocolate cakes of every kind imaginable!! Chocolate shakes and ice creams too..:);) And believe it or not, they had CHOCOLATE PIZZAS, CHOCO SANDWICHES, CHOCO PANCAKES..!!! EVERYTHING PERCEIVABLE!!! I was literally dumbstruck.. I didn't know what to order.. My mom had to call my name twice..!!:D And at last I was able to make my mind..:) I settled for a pancake.. It was the name that caught my attention before the went by the name DEATH BY CHOCOLATE.. and it definitely lived up to its name~~~:)mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm..the chocolate just melted in my mouth!!! It was too damn good!! And the place has a wonderful ambience!!! The very air smelled of chocolate! Definitely a cosy place to hang out with your loved ones:):);)I had a hard time when it was time to leave..:( I gave a silent promise to myself that I'd pay a visit real soon...:):)

And after that, I went to a shop nearby where they sold gift articles and toys. My parents' anniversary is coming up shortly.. I saw something over there which was very much to my liking.. And I was sure that my parents will like it too, when I present it to them. Of course, I couldn't get it at that time as mom was with me..planning to go there today eve to get what I had intended to before they get sold..;) I was standing for a long time before them..hope my mom didn't smell anything to be fishy!!!

Well, thats it for now.. I'm happy that today was a holiday..and that I made a good decision in agreeing to accompany my mom!! I must really thank her for giving me such a treat..:):) Love you mom..:)You are simply the best..:):):)