Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All for a cup of chocolate!!

A post a day keeps boredom at bay!!! :P:P

I've decided to blog as often as possible, if not daily.. :P:P *conditions apply*

My day today began much earlier than I would've wanted it to.. Having promised my mom that I won't sleep for more than 6.30 in the morn *sadness*, be it study holidays or semester holidays, I had no other go, but to keep my word! But guess today was better than the previous ones.. ;) Mom and I had planned to make stuffed veggie parathas for breakfast.. :):) I am a person who enjoys cooking.. ;) Though I usually like to be left alone when I cook, today morn was fun to cook alongside mom.. ;) Breakfast was a success... ;) :)

Despite being an OFF, I had to go to coll.. reason- I had planned to catch up on a few things that were taught in class when I was busy doodling away on my notebook, smsing friends, or the more obvious- sleeping in class. I was very reluctant to drag myself to coll.. :( c'mon.. having to walk all the way to the bus stop, catch a bus, and go to coll can be real annoying!! Cursing myself for not having paid attention in class, I began the long walk to the bus stop. All this initial annoyance lasted only till I stepped into coll.. once I was inside, I was lost in wonder.. at the silence and beauty of the sprawling green campus!! My Alma Mater is really a place of awe.. It provides the most amazing atmosphere for studying, or hanging out with friends, or even sleeping under the many many trees.. :P:P After my friend tried to get a few concepts of OR into my head (which was a real tough job, considering there was the playing on the laptop, and the blockbuster tracks of Rockstar blaring from my mobile.. :D:D), we were joined by a couple of friends.. It is amazing at how fast a rate my brain is able to process when it comes to simple chitchat, in awful contrast to the snail pace when it comes to studying!! :P:D True! Human brain is really complex.. and a girl's brain is just 'complexer'!!! :P :P

The foursome of us then started to roam around college.. Talking about everything and nothing.. ;) :) Our legs readily took us in the direction of one of our most favorite haunts in coll.. the Department of Geology, to the room of my most favoritest professor of all times.. :):) As it was the end of the semester, he was able to spend time with us.. He was telling us about a new coffee kiosk that had been opened recently, and that they had Hot chocolate.. as the word came out of his lips, i gasped- HOT CHOCOLATE??!! And then all of a sudden, in a matter of a few seconds, we were accompanying him to the coffee shop!!! ;) :) That shop sold a variety of hot beverages, with hot chocolate topping the charts, and I had just mentioned that I was yet to have lunch, and he got me noodles over there!! So there we were, in front of the coffee shop.. having hot hot cup noodles.. and the yummiest hot chocolate available in my coll.. Ever!!! In the joy of seeing the steaming hot chocolate, I succeeded in successfully burning my tongue!! ;) ;) but the momentary pain was lost in drinking the wonderful elixir!!! yummy!!! how I love chocolate!! :*:*:*<3<3<3 adding to all this is the fact that the weather was just perfect for it.. but then, no one needs an excuse to have hot chocolate, do they?? .;)

What would've turned out to be an ordinary lunch in the canteen, turned into quite a meal, with all of us talking to our heart's content over the hot cups.. :):)

Chocolate, I love you!!! <3<3


  1. had a really good time with sir and others.. :) now thats a good way of spending a study holiday!!! :) :P

  2. Great going junior!! Nice post.. And talk about chocolates- <3 :)

  3. 1. Felt very very guilty when I asked Rajkishan, Gayathri, suba and you to come back after lunch, while I had lunch with my visitor from Bangalore.

    2. I did not relish the lunch (was feeling guilty).

    3. So wanted to meet the four of u and apologise.

    4. When I learnt that u and rajkishan did not have lunch, I thought why not buy you at least cup noodles.

    5. So, took the 4 of u to the cup-noodles + hot choc outlet.

    6. was pleased that rajkishan and u did not go empty stomach.

    7. am happy that u liked the noodles + hot choc combo lunch which was both, sumptuous and greatly satisfying.

    8. sadly missed sharmili who, I know, wud complain by crooning....naanu, enakku, naakku, etc etc. And, she did say naanu in reply to ur facebook statement.

    9. More than anything, I am very very pleased that the hot choc was a motivation for a nicely conceptualised and written blog. Keep it up Vaishali.

  4. @sanjeevi sir: thank you very much sir!! that was more than a sumptuous lunch!! :):)

    and yes.. sharmi did vroon abt being left out.. ;):P

  5. @madhav anna: thanks anna.. :):) so, u too are a chocoholic.. ;) :P join the band!!

  6. @raj: study hols??!! indeed.. :P


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