Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ufffffffffffffff!!! What a week!!!- Part II

Due to the surprising lengthiness (maybe, the not-so-surprising lengthiness) of my previous post, I am forced to continue from where I left off.. ;)

This was one day which I was looking forward to for a long long time!! Nov 10th dawned fresh and clear!! The fact that I had another assessment on that day was completely forgotten. All that I could think about was the award function that evening!! (I believe I had already bragged a lot about winning the second prize and stuff, so am not going into the details.. :P) I chose a new outfit for the day, one that reflected my moods that morn.. :):) I had called my parents over for the event. That evening was truly truly magical! My parents were happy, and so was I! I was happy taking them around the sprawling campus and my favorite haunt, my coll canteen.. ;) The pic we took that evening with my most favorite professor will remain etched in my memory forever!! :):)

Ha! now back to the mundane and boring life of assignments and assessments!! Friday was no different from this routine!! :(:( I was desperately looking forward to the saturday! Perhaps the only 'working' Saturday to which I've looked forward to.. ;)Reason- MY friend and I were taking our bestest friends out for lunch.. :):) This was supposed to be a treat on our behalf to them, for the success of our project!! ;);) And Saturday did arrive.. ;) With a lot of delay being created in the class for collecting the exam hall tickets, we were ravished by the time we placed our orders at the hotel!! Amidst deciding what to order, and reordering so as to try different dishes, lots of pics were taken.. :):)The lunch was a sumptuous affair.. with everyone eating to their heart's content..:) A satisfying grin was on everyone's face! Meaning behind it=the treat was a success!!! :):) That made me extremely happy!! Making your near and dear ones happy is perhaps the best way of being happy yourself!!! :):):)

So, that is how the last working day of my penultimate semester was spent.. I could not think of a more fitting way to have spent the day than with my best buddies!!

As for the entire week, I have just this to say- I am glad you are over!!! :P:P

And for the coming week, I'm gonna put up a brave face and say this- Exams, here I come!!!


  1. The best way to hang out with friends is organizing a treat and you did just that.. Guess you had a good time with your friends. Good luck for your exams :-)

  2. @vivek: I still owe u a treat!! Come over soon to Chennai!!!

    and as for my exams, I can only laugh!!!: D:D Thanks for the wishes! I really need them!! ;)


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