Sunday, December 18, 2011

8th semester!!!

Half of December is already gone!! Time is a scary thing! Last week this time I was so looking forward to the start of the next semester, but now, I can't help but feel that the holidays were much better and peaceful!! The grass is definitely greener on the other side! Proven time and again! The holidays were good, but not the best.. with everything in my wishlist being fulfilled,(including the re-reading of Harry and co), I have no one but myself to blame for the hols not being the best!! Endless pondering on everything and nothing, left me feeling that I can never be happy again.. I had christened it as THE DEMENTOR EFFECT!! :P

But all that was not for long.. I had a lot to look forward to.. particularly my 21st b'day!! the fact that the beginning of the next term coincided with it was an additional fact!! :):)

The day was as good as I could have ever expected, with a gift from my professor, and the yummiest chocolate truffle cake..:) but my friends had decided that-"You don't just get a choco truffle, you earn it" (bournville isshtyle =D) they had planned a Treasure hunt.. no no.. Cake hunt.. :P I was made to wander over the entire college campus, searching for clues, leading to the cake.. and just when I thought I had completed my quest, and had reached my cake, I had a surprise in store! When I eagerly opened the cake box, I found a BUN inside it! and ANOTHER clue!! Seriously, if I were given a chance to animate the entire situation, I would have given a pair of Devil-horns to each of my friends!! The clue took me back to the place where I had initially started the search!!! :'(

But I guess it was worth the wait!! There they were, standing with the most most most yummy looking choco truffle cake!(vanish Devil-horns, appear Angel-halos) And once the cake was found, it was the usual thing, with everyone eating the cake, and the poor b'day girl getting smeared with chocolate icing all over her face:'( The evening was family time, with us four going out for dinner..:) And I was soon to realise that b'day surprises weren't over yet!! When I reached home, I found a parcel waiting for me, with no clue of who it was from! After higgedly-piggedly tearing the cover off, I found a Cookbook, from my closest buddies!! :):) The day before the b'day was an equally eventful one, with my li'l brother going crazy as he had to collect a lot of couriers addressed to me!!:):)

If my b'day was a cheerful occasion, the days that followed were the exact opposite!! :(Tmrw, I have got my zeroth project review!!! And my brain seems completely void now!! Thinking of a good project title is one thing, but having to modify it-not to satisfy your thirst for innovation, but to silence the prowling vultures is something else!! Going into my zeroth review with an empty mind, and surprisingly, no anxiety or anticipation!! Whatever it is, I have my fingers crossed! It was only last week that college started, but it feels as if a month has already gone by, with all this thinking and re-thinking of project ideas and stuff!! :( who said final semester was fun??!!

P.S. Dear teammies, I know I must be collecting literature for tmrw's review right now.. but I was really going berserk with all the searching that I JUST HAD TO BLOG!! sorry.. will get back to work asap!!

P.P.S. I successfully created a header for my blog! It may not be much, but it describes me - in short.. :):)


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