Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ufffffffffffffff!!! What a week!!!- Part I

Life they say has its fair share of ups and downs. None can disagree. But to have to experience it all in a matter of seven days!!! That is experiencing life in the super-fast mode!! And that is how the final week of my penultimate semester in college life was!! GOSH! Looking back, it makes me realize how little time we had to even breathe freely!! Am glad I'm done with it!

Beginning with Tuesday, (luckily, we had an off on Monday.. ;))the entire week was one helluva ride to the finish line! It saw us all multitasking- writing, drawing, reading, chatting, playing, and much much more.. ;)Tuesday seemed to be smirking at me when I finally woke up that day! I had an assignment to submit, a practical examination, and two assessments!!

As always, there was me thinking- 'cha! what happened to the three days of holidays??!!', 'I could've done this earlier!', 'I should've studied!!' But then, there was nothing left to do but hurry up with the first chore at hand- ASSIGNMENT!! Strangely, only when I sit down to write, everything seems to be missing! That morning, with the clock striking 7, I couldn't find my pen, or my pencil, or my scale!! I cursed myself for not keeping my things safe, and had to borrow stuff from my bro. The irritating part here is not losing ur pen or pencil, but to have to borrow it from an annoying younger bro, who doesn't fail to make the most of that moment by asking you to 'handle the pen with care'!!! x(. So finish I did! The assignment was good enough to be submitted. Just about enough.. :P The next 'debacle' of the day was my practical exam!! With the teacher suffering from MPD, I was left guessing which one of her personalities I'd have to encounter that day. Strangely, I didn't have to hold any conversation that day with her, and the practicals were way better than how I'd feared them to be.. ;) The lunch hour saw 6 ppl eating from 2 boxes, and 'studying' for the assessment that followed.. ;) Being a general subject, thankfully, the paper tested our creativity rather than our retaining capacity. With one assessment behind me, I opted to skip the next one.. :P Now that I'm done with the 'downs', this was the 'up' of tuesday.. We celebrated one of my friends' b'day at the OAT.. The b'day was an awesome affair with its usual share of chocolatey cakes, bright candles, colorful gifts, and memorable pics.. ;)

Compared to Tuesday, Wednesday can definitely be tagged as a 'normal' one.. ;) We had one practical exam on that day, and with the teacher being a sweet and soft-spoken person, we didn't have anyone breathing down our necks and were allowed to finish our task in a better manner than was expected!! :)

The most magical day ever!!!

P.S. The post has got too lengthy!! The remainder of my 'week' 'll be continued in the next post!! :P:P


  1. Searching for my pencil and pen is almost a daily routine for me. I can relate to post very well. I can't wait for the part II .. Hope it'll be out real soon.. Good post btw :)

  2. among those tasks u did while multitasking, u dint include studying at all!!!
    and it was really a very hectic week.. while most other depts were enjoying the last week having completed the assessments the previous week itself, we had to do this.. anyways, good that it turned out well in the end.. :):)

  3. @raj: I deliberately left out studying.. :P we never did that, did we.. :P


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