Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Siesta...

The world cup got over in all its splendour, and now CSK is making waves in the 4th edition of IPL and I'm yet to write a good blog!!! God... have I been busy?? well, a man is never too busy if he sets his mind to do something... a few other things which had higher priorities prevented me from blogging..!! :P A few responsibilities, like taking part in deciding the ruler of ur state for instance... (cast my first vote!!!) and a few headaches, which were keen on testing my patience, more than my knowledge(psst- am referring to my exams) kept me away.. but now am back..;)

So, what do I blog about?? The summer is here... and so are the long-awaited holidays..The semester that just ended was a damn hectic one(what with saturdays being working days, one never had time for oneself)..I'm having my holidays now.. and I'm enjoying it as much as I can.. enjoying the time I have in a leisurely way.. I spend time with my mom, go online... the routine normal kinda relaxation anyone can have.. but then, peace is short-lived.. one week into the holidays, and I am back in college.. working for a project.. and it demands a lotta work.. my teammate and I have been roaming all over the city in connection with it..!! And what is even more frightening is that we'll be having our first review in less than a week from now..!!!brrr... gives me the creeps just to think of all the sombre faces that'll question us on that day!!

Let me move on to greener pastures.. the one thing that I have been looking forward to all summer is my trip to Trichy!!! And this time, as against the usual tradition of staying over at my aunt's place, I'll be tarrying over at one of my bestest friends place..:):) Its been a year since I last saw some of my friends back there.. can't wait for the 29th of this month when I'll be leaving for Trichy..:)) And know what?? this will be the last summer I visit Trichy as a student.. next I do it, I'll be a B.E. graduate!! YIKES.. that is scary!!!!

Hope to blog about my experiences in Trichy soon... buhbye till then..:):)


  1. Nice one machan... :) :) Our project part is the best! :P You will have a great time in trichy... njoy!! :) :)

  2. Hey..good one:)1st part is the same case as of mine..! wish u a have a great time at trichy with ur frnds (for the last time as student!:P)...n all the best for ur terrific encounter with the sombre faces!!
    Vaish..u missed to mention one more thing in this post..!:>

  3. @subha: chill sweetheart.. I'll definitely come to sivakasi.. with sharmi..;)


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