Sunday, April 3, 2011


WOW!!!! What a match!!! 2nd August 2011 will be etched in the minds of the entire nation for generations to come!!! The dreams and hopes and aspirations of a country with a population of 1.2 billion were finally fulfilled!!! I may not be a diehard fan of the game as many in the nation are.. but I am never the less a true patriot of the game.. I did have my doubts though.. not just on one occasion, but on many!!! Right from the word go, I kept biting my nails! The match, from the very beginning was a thriller.. what with the coin being tossed twice??!!! I was also thinking if I am to watch the match or not, fearing the worst to happen, in case I did..;) The Indians were amazing on the field... the bowling was amazing.. though why Sreesanth was chosen still remains a mystery..( was he by any chance considered to be a lucky charm??) I am not going to do any ball-by-ball analysis of the match.. anyone who wishes to witness such an analysis can tune into NDTV, TIMES NOW, CNN IBN and the lot... don’t bother yourself with tuning on to the TAMIL “NEWS” CHANNELS.. all you’ll ever get to see will be the supposedly high octane political drama with each channel trying to show the party they support in the lime light, while shunning the others to the backdrop!! Yesterday night I was truly shocked!!these so called news channels didn’t mention a word about the world cup victory until they highlighted their political party’s election campaigning!!! :o

I’m not gonna talk more on that now!!!

Unity is strength.. this was proved yet again by TEAM INDIA yesterday. Every player performed his job.. both individually, and as a team!! Right from the first ball bowled till the last run scored, the Indians displayed grit and grace. The fielding was stupendous. But after Mahela Jayawardene settled down, I was highly anxious!! There were moments when I swore for every single that the Lankans took!!! ;) and at the end of the Lankan innings, my mind was in a complete turmoil!! Was 275 a chaseable target? Will our batsmen deliver?? And when the opening swashbuckling duo of Sachin and Sehwag walked in, I cheered along with the entire Wankhede stadium. And then, it was as if lighting had struck me!!! Viru was out off the 2nd ball!!! I watched till the wicket of the master blaster fell.. then I could take it no more. I switched off the tv..:( as guests had come home, we had to somehow kill the anticipation building within ourselves, and we decided to rush off to Ascendas. And there!! Wow!! What an atmosphere?? The entire food court was filled with people of all ages sitting glued to the single tv that was over there!! Gautham and Virat were playing sensible cricket!! For every single scored off the bat, there was a cheer, and for every ball that was a fielded, there was an even louder boo!!:):) and when Virat got out, the entire crowd erupted into a frenzy of emotions!!! I was left pondering over my doubts again!!! And then walked in Dhoni!! The epitome of calmness!! Many wondered why he had done so.. he was not in the best of form during the entire tournament, and many were doubtful if he would deliver. And Dhoni proved why he is called CAPTAIN COOL, yet again. What a knock that was!! A true captain’s knock!! After Gautham departed, Yuvi came and joined his captain. And what a way to finish off things!!! Winning runs hit by the captain!!! That too, not a single or a four, but a magnificent SIX!!!! Dhoni, tune zaroor ghumake hi diya!!!INDIA WON THE WORLD CUP!!!!

And it definitely was worth the wait.. 28 years seemed nothing before the tears of joy that ran freely from the eyes of our heroes (and from mine too). The way the younger players carried Sachin on their shoulders was a true display of the love and adoration the entire team has for the Little Master!!! And Virat was truly justified in saying- he has been carrying the burden of the entire nation for 21 years now.. its time that we carried him!! So so so very true!! And the way Man-of-the-Match, Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni spoke during the presentations was truly commendable. In all, it was a true team effort. Kudos to our entire team for chasing a respectable target and bringing the CUP THAT COUNTS back to us.

C’mon INDIA, kar lo dhuniya mutthi mein!!!!

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  1. it was truly a wonderful team performance!!! the special thing about this tournament and the consequent win is that (almost) each and every player in the squad contributed for a win in one way or the other!!! and it was a very emotional moment for every Indian when the players carried Sachin on their shoulders around the ground for a victory lap!!! :):):)


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