Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home away form Home...

I had signed off in my last post saying I will pen down my thoughts only after my visit to Trichy... well, surprisingly, I'm writing before that itself..:):)

It is the third day of my visit to my hometown... and the first two days were really packed with memorable and fun-filled moments... I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and I have been occupied since then!!! The first visit I made was to my aunt's place... this year, I had a little niece in addition to my 8-year old nephew waiting for my arrival!!! And OMG!!!! she is such an angel!!! Time really flies by when u are in her company!!! She is just a year old, and has a charm about her that can mesmerize even the most hard-hearted of people... And true to her name, she recognizes music of all sorts and dances to it too!!! A wonderful sight to watch... one will never get bored!!!

Other than my cute niece and my naughty nephew, I had a wonderful time the past two evenings with very special person..:):)Time, somehow seems to fly whenever we get to meet!!!:(:( How I wish I were able to freeze those moments!!!:(:(...sighssss... Well, right now, I am writing this post from my best friend's place... Had a great time with her Grandad too:):) I'll be staying over at her place for the night, or maybe, a couple of nights..:):)We have been talking our heads off since today eve!!! A lotta gossip to catch up to!!! ;) We have planned a trip with a few of our very close buddies for tomorrow... hopefully everything goes according to our plan..:):) Keeping my fingers crossed now..:):) I can never help but feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I'm in Trichy..

Simply put, Trichy is a HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!! :):):)


  1. Nice post!!! n btw, special person... freezing the moments?! Well, something is cooking up faster in hols I guess :P

    Note: I am happy that u r out of pink this time :)

  2. @gayu: nothing is cooking..:P:P!!!

    and ya... a change of colors this time..:)


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